Kairat Duissenov, Kazakhstan



    Kairat Duisenov PARMAN (Кайрат Дуйсенов) is a poet, composer, translator, essayist, Songwriter, and a journalist, He is also the founder and President of the World Nation Writers’ Union.
    He is a member of the International Union of Writers (Beybіtshіlіk alemi – Planet of the world”,)
    Member of the World nation writers’ Union,
    Member Of Seemed (A Copyright Society of Kazakhstan)
    And a member of the Union of Journalists of the Kazakhstan Republic.

    Kairat was born in January 7, 1964 at Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan region, Kazygurt district, in a village called Kokibel.

    Educational And Working Background

    From 1971-1981, He studied at the school called Sabyr Rakhimov (the former name of Friedrich Engels).
    In 1994 he graduated from the Kazakh National University named after Al Farabi (Almaty), Department of Journalism.

    He worked in the regional
    newspaper “Lenin osietі”
    (in the current “Qazygurt”), “Shymkent kelbetі – Panarama Shymkent” national newspaper “Auyl”
    In the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan newspaper “Adebiet Aydiny”
    In magazines “Zerde”, “Daraboz” “Zhuldyzdar Otbasy”, “Anyz adam”
    He was also the editor for Kazakh radio,
    Editor for international TV channel «KASpionet» at the agency “Khabar”.
    Editor for Poems and articles publishing newspaper “Zhas kazak”, “Zhas kazak unі”, “Jas Alash” ( “Leninshil jas”) “Ayqyn”, “Kazakh adebietі”, “Tүrіk alemi” magazines and “Parasat”, “Atazhurt” “Daraboz” and many more.
    He is an author of more than ten songs. The most popular of his written songs are : “Ai da, kun de” and “Bileyіk”.

    Some of his Poems are published in many anthologies. “Tugan jer ystyq bәrіnen” (Native Land warmer all),

    From 2010-2014, He was appointed, chairman of the International Union of Writers Association “Beybіtshіlіk alemi – Planet of the world.”
    In 2011, he was made director of the publishing house “Halyqaralyq zhazushylar odagy”, www.temirqazyq.com
    The chief editor of the site.
    In September 18 2014 he was appointed as the president of the World Nation Writers Union and The chief editor of World Nation Writers’ Unions Web-sites (akgo.org).
    In 2016 he was promoted to professor of Humanities and he was awarded the Medal by the United Nations ( for serving his community) he was also made as an Ambassador of Peace Mission.

    Dr. Kairat Duissenov Parman, (President of the World nation writers’ union in Kazakhstan) is a member of the WORLD UNION OF POETS (W.U.P.)”, “AMBASSADOR IN THE WORLD OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS (CO-GENERAL DIRECTOR OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS).,
    Dr. Kairat Duissenov Parman also had a “Silver Medal for culture of the World Parliament of literature (W.U.P.)”.

    And you know friends, I’m very happy today and I want to share this good impression with you!!!

    I recently met a young close law who worked together in the TV and radio company “Qazaqstan”. It turns out that he has been translating Indian films from English into Kazakh for several years. And is one of the authors of the translation of a Hindi romantic, family drama “Diya Aur Baati Hum” to Kazakh language. He spoke translating even poetry that occurs in the film. And over time, he had the desire to write his poems. He is young and he has great desire to be a translator not only of films but also literary works. I told him: “Yertay, maybe you’ll try to translate some of my poems into English. And then suddenly you’ll have this! “. He says: “Of course, I would gladly do it, but I’m used to translating from English!”. I told him: “And this time, translate the other way around.” And he gave his consent. He sent me my two versions. It seems good. And I sent them to the young African famous poet Waheed Musah. He edited them and sent them to me. And in the end He left a warm compliment me. And so the translated of my poems English version of Yertai Nurbekov, editing and proofreading Waheed Musah.


    Half naked trees are very tired
    Devastated bank of river is still quiet
    The man is suffering from the severe cold wind of loneliness
    Is following his dog

    Yelling as if he has lost something
    The poor men are across and over the bridge
    Roaring cars are racing
    With rich owners of mercedes and opel

    Besides iron lattice
    Looks like they caught each other by the hook
    There are lovers chit chatting
    Hugging each other with burning desire

    This love is so strange
    You may feel horny if a lady is hot
    In the night long or day long,
    You will forget everything but love

    One lady who is wearing a mini skirt
    Is passing by without understanding my poor soul
    What can I do? The autumn is too long a season
    Better i should back home without any regret

    1999 year, kairat duissenov parman

    I don’t need women anymore

    (Jar toseginen suyndym)

    In spite of our country having abundant gold
    I was presses in the grip of rialto
    I also suffered by winter cold
    I don’t need women anymore
    My bed gets too cold

    Oil rich wealth of our country has fallen
    I demand the oil increase non stop
    Will i get shattered by worrying?
    I don’t need women anymore
    My bed gets too cold

    My relations make a smiley face,
    Yet gossips behind my back
    They broke all ties with me
    I’m sitting there idle in the corner
    I don’t need women anymore
    My bed gets too cold

    I never planned to become rich but I’m toiling to survive
    I don’t feel myself as strong as at my 40 years old
    Today, I’m just a man without a budget
    I don’t need women anymore
    My bed gets too cold

    I have no excellent horse, but I’m a racer
    And still have my brain and I’m a skilled artist
    The inner voice wishpered these are your wealth!
    I don’t need women anymore
    My bed has become too cold

    I used to be a flirt with someone
    Who loves me
    But there is no love, no desire today
    Why? I don’t understand myself
    I don’t need women anymore
    I have become impotent

    Where is my strength?
    Come and hug me at once

    2016 year, kairat duissenov parman

    English version of Yertai Nurbekov, editing and proofreading Waheed Musah


    Listen to me!
    The world needs «worlds of poems»!
    Let burning poems will reach to one’s heart S, mankind love the poems

    Cheer up with inspiration
    Let’s start on the way of peace
    In order to melt ice heart with our burning hot poems

    The world needs all of us!
    Take a pen by grace of God…
    I wish I could rescue the world with my bright poems like the bright dew!


    By the grace of God
    I have a friend and an enemy
    The first one is pulling me forward, last one backward
    Did you see that, they are fighting!

    It seems to me my friend is my enemy
    He nonstop forbidden me with his endless forbidden things
    His judgment is so inhospitable like my father’s judgment
    But my enemy is always at my side (He is agreeing with my intention)

    As soon as I show interest, he said: Do what you want
    He starts to burns my lust (forbidden things)
    At the same time, I follow my bad side
    I feel so excited and my nose starts pulsing

    As the say, I don’t care if you die
    As soon as the case to be done, you will get rid of your enemy
    When i broke my soul
    Only my true friend will be sitting worried beside me

    …My enemy makes fun of me
    And he is always mess up
    But a true friend makes me cry
    And lead me to right path

    This is Gods will
    Now, tell me please, what did you see, what do you know?


    I’m at home, but my dream is far away
    No, no, I have not reached to the space yet
    I’m egger to find keys of the world
    If I find this, I would never have lost it

    I’m at home, but my consciousness is traveling the world
    I keep look for, but it keeping cheating
    It very fast, I can’t follow it
    Am I really mesmerized?

    I’m at home, but my desire is in the sky
    I have already found out where my lost belongings
    I almost reached the stairs which contains the keys of world
    I’m at home


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