Lida Sherafatmand, Iran/Malta


    Lifa Sherafatmand, Iran/Malta. Member of IWABOGDANI 

    LIDA SHERAFATMAND is a fine artist of multiple talents. She has exhibited her paintings since 1997 in just over 20 countries including 60 collective shows and 25 solo exhibitions. She works on the artistic concept of ‘florescencism’ which is a result of her years of painting and research. Florescencism is a term proposed by Lida, and as the word suggests it comes from ‘flor’ (Latin word for flower). It carries a double entente in that flor: a) actual flowers being the main physical subject in her painting b) flowering as a metaphor used in many cultures and langauges to symbolize the flourishing of an individual or a civilization, for which she researches the social sciences and peace studies. Besides painting Lida holds an M.A. in International Relations, writes essays and poetry. She has delivered public talks on the academic research behind her art at conferences and academic institutes including the Roerich Family Museum and Institute in St Petersburg, The London School of Economics and Political Science, the Radcliffe Harvard University, and the University of Amsterdam.

    Affinity”, oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm, 2017

    Waterfall of the Soul”, oil on canvas, 1520 x 150 cm, 2016

    “Internal World of Goodness/Pulses of Love”, oil on canvas, 120 x 110 cm, 2013

    Lida’s painting, articles, and poems have been widely published, including by UN, UNESCO, Amnesty International, a number of art journals, and other institutes. One notable piece of her writing is the Humanitarian Art Manifesto translated to 7 languages was published on various newspapers and journals. Her art works have been cited and reviewed in art history academic dissertations and journals of social science. Moreover, Lida has been conferred numerous awards; the most recent in 2017 are: the Outstanding Artist Award from Asia Art Funds (New York/China), and Woman Art Award by Europe Art Awards and MUSA International Art Space in 2017
    Born in Iran in 1977 Lida lived life circumstances of war, revolution, and persecution, later on as refugee, statelessness, loss of wealth and poverty. Due to those experiences she feels a responsibility in her art works to contribute to her surroundings. As quoted in an interview with The Guardian her motto is: “The more I hear violent news, the more I paint gentle flowers.” .
    Read the full interview on The Guardian page .

    Today Lida is delighted to have started collaboration with high end industries in applied arts, because she believes such collaboration enriches further the involvement of her art with society.

    Artist Statement:
    “Painting is a vocation for me. I believe the art which we produce becomes part of our physical, emotional and intellectual reality. This puts a huge responsibility on my shoulders when I am creating, to make sure I give the best of me to my environment as I ‘immortalize’ a part of reality in the painting. I meditate, pray, and dance to get in touch with depths of beauty and strength in life.” — – Lida Sherafatmand.



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