Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury, India


Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury, India

Member of IWA Bogdani

Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury is an eminent academician, trend–setting author and award– winning poet.
His publications include research papers in International/National Journals/Conferences/Book Chapters, Scholarly Articles, Patents, Poetry Anthologies/Books/E–Zines/Periodicals and Academic and Reference Books/Book Chapters.
Dr. Chowdhury has published more than 70 Research Papers in Peer Reviewed International/National Journals and Conferences (ACM, IEEE, Springer, Scopus, Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, Thomson Reuters, Bloomsbury, Tata McGraw Hill), along with being Program Committee Member in more than 75 International Conferences in various parts of the World and Advisory Board Member in numerous International Conferences.
He is also in the Editorial Board of more than 20 International Journals. He has 3 Published Patents.

Dr. Chowdhury is invited for Keynote Address/Invited Lecture/Panel Discussion and Chairing Technical Sessionat diverse International Conferences/Symposiums/Literary Festivals all around the globe.
Few notable of which being;
❖ Organizing Chair to deliver an Invited Lecture on ‘Applications of Computational Intelligence’ at The International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Applications, CIA 2018, held at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, Karnataka from 21.12.18 to 23.12.18
❖ Keynote Speaker to deliver a Keynote Address on ‘Design and Implementation of Cryptographic Techniques for Secured Transmission and Performance Enhancement of Data Warehouse’ at 2018 5th International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Network, WCSN 2018, held at Wuhan, Hubei,
China from 14.12.18 to 16.12.18
❖ Guest of Honour to deliver an Invited Lecture on ‘I Can Do This’ at Kolkata Mini
Maker Faire 2018, held at Eastern Zonal Cultural Center (EZCC), ‘AIKATAN,’ Salt Lake, Kolkata, organized by Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata in association with Make Magazine, United States of America on 18.11.18
❖ Invited Special Speaker to deliver an Invited Lecture on ‘College to Start–up’ at Entrepreneur’s Business Summit 2018, held at Williamson Magor Hall, The Bengal Chamber Premises, Kolkata, organized by The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 16.11.18
❖ Invited Delegate cum Speaker at
❖ Invited Guest of Honour cum Speaker at LIT FIESTA 2018, held at Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata on 28.10.18
❖ Invited Delegate at
❖ Invited Delegate cum Speaker at South Asian Literary Festival, organized by Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature, held at Delhi from 04.10.18 to 07.10.18
❖ Invited Delegate cum Speaker to deliver an Invited Lecture at José María Heredia International Poetry Festival, held at Toluca, Mexico from 24.09.18 to 28.09.18
❖ Invited Guest of Honor to deliver an Invited Lecture at Indian Poetic Confluence,
held at Hyderabad, Telangana on 24.09.18
❖ Invited Delegate cum Speaker (Panelist in Panel Discussion on ‘Recent Trends in
Poetry’) at 11th International Poetry Fest 2018, held at J.K.C College, Guntur,
Andhra Pradesh from 20.09.18 to 22.09.18
❖ Invited Delegate cum Speaker at 10th International Poetry Fest 2017, held at
J.K.C College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh from 21.09.17 to 22.09.17
International Multilingual Poet’s Meet
(Amaravati Poetic Prism 2018), held at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, organized
by The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada and Amaravati, from 10.11.18 to 11.11.18
12th International Writers’ Festival–India
(An International Conference of Poets, Writers & Scholars), held at Indore,
Madhya Pradesh, organized by India Inter–Continental Cultural Association,
Chandigarh from 23.10.18 to 24.10.18

❖ Invited Speaker to deliver an Invited Lecture on ‘Cologne of Heritage Amid Fiesta of Amity’ at Two Anthologies of Poetry (Think Global, Act Local), held at Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Kolkata on 03.06.17
❖ Invited Speaker to deliver an Invited Lecture on ‘Synergy Between Education Curriculum and Industry Needs’ at One Day Seminar on Information Technology – Challenges & Opportunities, National Technology Day, held at Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BNCCI), Kolkata on 11.05.17
❖ Invited Expert Speaker on ‘BCA MCA Porey Career’ in ‘Ki Hotey Chai Live’ Program at DD Bangla Television Channel on 03.03.17, aired Live from 7 pm to 8 pm
❖ Moderator of Panel Discussion on the Theme ‘Technology Transfer’ at International Symposium on Gen Next Initiatives for Digital India (ISGNIDI) 2017, held at Hyatt Regency, Kolkata on 23.02.17 & 24.02.17
❖ Invited Speaker to deliver an Invited Lecture on ‘Importance for NextGen Career Perspective’ at WORDCON 2017 – Freelancer’s International Conference, held at The Sonnet, Salt Lake, Kolkata on 09.02.17
❖ Invited Keynote Speaker to deliver a Keynote Address on ‘Design and Implementation of Cryptographic Techniques for Secured Transmission and Performance Enhancement of Data Warehouse’ at International Conference on Electronic and Information Technology, ICEIT 2016, held at Guilin Park Hotel, Guilin, China on 04.11.16 to 06.11.16
❖ Invited Speaker cum Moderator of Corporate Panel Discussion on ‘Industry Interactive Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology’ at International Conference on Industry Interactive Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology (I3SET) 2016, held at Dr. B. C. Roy Auditorium, JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani, Nadia on 26.10.16
❖ Invited Expert Speaker on ‘MCA and its Prospects’ in ‘Ki Hotey Chai Live’ Program at DD Bangla Television Channel on 19.08.16, aired Live from 7 pm to 8 pm
❖ Invited Guest of Honor to deliver an Invited Lecture at International Conference on Innovative Trends in Science, Engineering and Management, ICITSEM 2016, held at International Conference Centre, YMCA Connaught Place, New Delhi on 27.05.16
❖ Invited Guest of Honor to deliver an Invited Lecture at 3rd International Conference on Science, Technology and Management, ICSTM 2016, held at India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi on 15.05.16
❖ Invited Deliberation on ‘Principal’s Meet – Rewind at a Glance’ in Principal’s Meet 2016 at Infosys, Hyderabad on 28.03.16
❖ Invited Speaker to deliver an Invited Lecture on ‘Data Warehouse Performance Enhancement Employing Minimized Query Processing Proposal and Implementation of Security Modus Operandi’ at 3rd International Conference on Foundations and Frontiers in Computer, Communication and Electrical Engineering, C2E2 2016, held at Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions (SKFGI), Mankundu, Hooghly, West Bengal on 15.01.16 & 16.01.16

❖ Invited Delegate cum Speaker at 8th International Poetry Fest 2015, held at J.K.C College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh from 21.09.15 to 22.09.15
❖ Invited Delegate cum Speaker at 7th International Poetry Fest 2014, held at J.K.C College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh from 19.09.14 to 21.09.14
❖ Invited Talk on ‘MCA – Admission Eligibility and Career Opportunities’ in ‘Career Plus Live’ Program at DD Bangla Television Channel on 24.07.13, aired Live from 8 pm onwards
❖ Invited Deliberation on ‘Principal’s Meet – Road Ahead’ in Principal’s Meet 2013 at Infosys, Bhubaneswar on 14.02.13
Dr. Chowdhury has numerous Media Coverage by leading News Channels and Newspapers for Online Interview/Print Interview/Cover Story/Headline News.
Dr. Chowdhury has won numerous Awards in Academia/Corporate/Industry.
He is the recipient of the prestigious Rabindranath Tagore Award – International – 2016. He is the Winner of SalisOnline Poem of the Year Award for 2016.
He is coined as the PENTASI B WORLD FEATURED POET 2018.
Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury is the Author of the innovative and unique book ‘POISINE: Bengali Cuisine with Poetry (Level–1: Starters),’ which is in the Asia Pacific Records.
Dr. Chowdhury is the Editor of the highly appreciated books ‘Creative Corner: Crafting Emotion,’ ‘Cologne of Heritage: Incredible Bengal,’ ‘Spring: The Season of Love,’ ‘Love at First Sight,’ ‘Heart to Heart,’
He has numerous books lined up in pipeline for Publication.
Dr. Chowdhury’s notable Publication in Anthologies include ‘The Rainbow Hues,’ ‘Happy Isle,’ ‘Chants of Peace,’ ‘Symphony of Peace,’ ‘Tranquil Muse,’ ‘Amaravati Poetic Prism,’ ‘Hung on the Cross,’ ‘Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI),’ ‘The Literary Voyage,’ ‘Blessings,’ ‘Let them Recite,’ ‘Purple Hues 2 – A Tribute to our Parents,’ ‘Purple Hues 3,’ ‘Minds @ Work 5,’ ‘Gracious – International Edition,’ ‘Different Truths,’ ‘Bonded Labour,’ ‘Nonsense Verse,’ ‘A Poetic Journey: An Insight into the World of Autism from the Poet’s Point of View,’ ‘Oh My Sweetest Love: A Timeless Treasure,’ ‘Raindrops of Love: First Rain of First Love,’ ‘Feathers: The Hall of Poets,’ ‘To My Dear Valentine: Celebrating the Festival of Love,’ ‘Love Postcards,’ ‘Poetry 4 Our Planet,’ ‘Thousand Poems to The Peace and Happiness of Humanity,’ ‘Voices of Humanity,’ etc.
‘Family: Eternal Treasure (Volume I),’ ‘Family: Eternal
Treasure (Volume II)’ & ‘Influence of Indian Classics on World Literature.’
His Upcoming Book Titles are ‘Social Media and Literature: Pros and Cons,’ ‘Flash Fiction
International,’ Fun–N–Frolic’ & ‘Love: My Religion.’

Dr. Chowdhury’s notable Publication in International
E–Zines/Periodicals/Poetry Groups include ‘Mad Swirl,’ ‘Marcapiel,’ ‘The Pangolin Review’, ‘Azahar – Revista Poética,’ ‘Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS,’ ‘PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry,’ ‘GloMag,’ ‘News Folder,’ ‘Keynotes Poetry Pen & Ink,’ ‘Different Truths,’ etc.
Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury has been recipient of numerous Accolades, Awards and Honor by Academia and Corporate bigwigs. Few notable of which being;
❖ Co Convener of International Conference on Multi–Disciplinary Research 2019 (ICMDR 2019) with the Theme – Next Gen Initiatives.
❖ Guest of Honour at Kolkata Mini Maker Faire 2018, organized by Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata in association with Make Magazine, United States of America.
❖ Conferred with Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution as Editor by Vishwabharati Research Centre in association with Sahitya Anand at LIT FIESTA 2018, held at Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata
❖ Conferred and Inducted as Honorary Member of World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan
❖ Conferred and Inducted as Board Member of IWA BOGDANI by International Writers Association, Brussels, Belgium.
❖ Conferred with the Prestigious Accolade of Asia Pacific Records for compiling a unique and innovative Book ‘POISINE: Bengali Cuisine with Poetry’ and coining the term ‘POISINE’ in October, 2017.
❖ Awarded for Best Article in InfoQuest – A Journal on Internet Security, Edition – II by Infocon Global in association with Wordsmith University Press at WORDCON 2017 at The Sonnet, Kolkata.
❖Conferred with Certificate of Appreciation in Recognition of his Contribution in Naming the Program ‘Mentoring Educators in Educational Technology (MEET)’ conducted by Inter–Disciplinary Program in Educational Technology at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.
❖ Winner of Telegraph Special Prize in Science & Engineering Fair 2016, organized by Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM), National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
❖ Included in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2016 – 33rd Edition (ISBN–978– 0–8379–1156–4).
❖ Included in the 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century – 9th Edition (ISBN–978–1–9039–8642–4), by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.
❖ Recognized and Awarded as Gold Partner Faculty under INSPIRE – The Campus Connect Faculty Partnership Model of Infosys.
❖ Winner in Infosys Campus Connect INSPIRE – Faculty Excellence Awards 2013.
❖ Recognized as Top Practitioner in WIPRO Mission 10X and Archived in Mission
10X BookRack.
❖ Winner in Infosys Campus Connect Faculty Contest Series – INSPIRE 2012.

❖ Conferred with Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contribution by Infosys Limited in 2011.
❖ Numerous Best Paper Awards in International/National Conferences and Technical Contests, over the years.
Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury has an extreme passion towards creativity and more so towards attainment of excellence in academics and creative writing and its allied avenues. His motto in life has been ‘Expressing himself with the preeminent endeavor at all instant.’

Tsunami Aftermath

Years have elapsed; Tsunami beckons again, the spine–chilling Christmas Eve and the silent trespass; Transformation of exulting ecstasy to mournful tread inflicts the dismal look and the sudden threat.
Consequences of sudden splash on human destiny, drenching of innocence and damnation to serenity; Water droplets from eyes of human fraternity had outnumbered waves of Tsunami quite easily,
Days have galloped through, but the scars are profound enough to inoculate pain and plea.
Death of innocent individuals marked the advent of a new year,
Gluing enjoyment to the backseat and highlighting the instilled fear;
The fear of meeting death; the universal truth retaining its value,
The clueless mind, the hapless soul and the lifeless body carried through.
Peace and solace are what we look for today, for those who met death bravely enough, May their soul’s rest in peace on the undiscovered horizon’s graph;
The graph showing the two–axis marked by innocence and disaster,
The meeting point of the two, the unanimously known closed chapter.
The effects are countless and the affected counted for their misfortune,
But those rendered homeless and flown away to distant destinations on its tune;
Can count their stars for surviving from the destiny’s treachery game,
With no room to ponder on imagination and illusion, but, own destiny nominated for blame.
‘All’s well that ends well’, despite conspiracy of nature and destruction of mankind, Tsunami holds a place in our life, may be negatively, but, we’re still anxious to find; What’s in store for the unfortunate survivors of the tragic phenomenon?
Were they inclined towards darkness and bleak or intended to spout courage in turn.
Memoirs of Tsunami is one that calls for instantaneous acceptance of unanimous submission, An assortment of weakened whimper, dreary distress and oblivious observation;
Waves have surged the core of mankind, inflicting wounds with perpetual scars,
The flourish of fatality soared high, as tears tinkled amid the peeping stars.
© Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury


Peace on Pieces

The wits are swaying but the soul is obstinate Enticing endurance to trounce tumult Humanity whimpers blood copiously
Respite is unfeasible to unearth
Carnage and obliteration endowing unification Peace on pieces, vanished amid engendered mayhem Abhorrence is the latest creed on proffer Corroborating despair imposed upon humanity
Innocent eyes gaped munificence
Seeking fragrance of unsullied evolution Enchanting intellect amid transpired tranquility Embarking on expedition of peace
Pious endeavor is requisite to curb cruelty
A tender touch revivifies to combat
Apiece atrocity to rekindle optimism Uniting the pieces of peace with compassion
© Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury


Boulevard of Reinventing Peace

Sighting rational intellect is sporadic
Yet yearning for alike remain fanatic Youth have the imperious instinct fuming Boulevard of reinventing peace is rousing
Uproar impending universally is foretold As the anxious residents gradually unfold To combat the imminent quandary
By forte of profound sense of amity
Intent necessitate to be righteous Insinuation must not be precarious Moment of evolution would sustain Healing blemishes and evident pain
Apiece outrage ensure revival in pliability Reinventing jiffies of peace for solidity World would be an aching abode to stay If peace remained absent all the way
Life is elegant, peace is apparent Peace in life is eventual requirement
© Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury


The poignant poem acts as an edifying

mirror up close for all male counterparts for those iron ladies who overwhelm all odds to strew their wings of wonder in the azure firmament.
O lady, elucidate the audacity of your smile…
O lady, explicate the probing of your profile…
O lady, expound the basis of your style…
O lady, enlighten with poise for a while…
O lady, Iron lady, escalate to apex in a pile…
O lady, Iron lady, shield heirs from guile…
O lady, Iron lady, stride the weary mile…
When family forsakes thee with utmost ease…
Amid the society, impassive to abrupt release…
As you gait visibly over the route of anguish…
To reinstate innate credence in peace…
Eradicating concern, inclining to cease…
Fortify them in core to curb malice…
To unearth the eventual idyllic niche…
© Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury
O Lady, Iron Lady…
The transference of an emotive lady to an iron lady is subtly crafted with the tinge of exquisite resilience


First Kiss

An abrupt hiatus in apiece route ensures the drip in stroke Amid the perishing gale and the leisurely strewing smoke Unceasing burble of globules muzzling
Woodland’s tune gingerly dwindling
In the silhouette of descendent twilight
By the solitary rim of a ripple lacking rivulet
With hushed firmaments upon an acquiescent orb Unequivocally prepared to gulp and absorb
Jiffies of ecstasy blended with trying predicament At the identical instant by the casement
Quietened and unchaperoned bliss
Exhilaration of the first kiss
Inducing myriad thumps
Sensitizing Goosebumps
Chimes in towering paradise
Leading to perpetual premise
As illimitable cosmos quivers with the peeking stars The eyes remain moist with the trickling whimpers
© Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury


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