Reetwika Banerjee, Kolkata


Reetwika Banerjee is a Corporate by profession and writer by passion. A native of Kolkata, she is now a resident of the garden city Bangalore. She has been conferred ‘Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award’ from Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs (Govt of India) and ‘Global Author of the World 2018’ titlefrom US for her international literary footprint and records created in Modern Literature. Short films adapted from her stories have received nomination for ‘Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2019’.

During her leisure hours, she enjoys writing poems, stories, technical articles, travel tales, film scripts and news columns in English, Hindi and Bengali languages. Her writing desk comprises of sevenbooks and five international award winning short films.

Reetwika also holds 5 World and National records to her credit for proposing ‘Micro Story’ nomenclature and introducing the concept in Modern Literature, coining ‘Zenova’ word in English dictionary and proposing ‘Love Palette Connection Theory’.

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   All Rights Reserved.

Turning Back

Thoughts wander as we move alone.

Sunk in deep emotions;

Often want to escape into the sky.

Life never looks back.

We do.

But till what time?

Walking up the street,

Lost in the crowd.

Is it worth to take a break?

Turning back was never easy.

And will never be;

Still waiting for a colourful autumn.



Friendship means ups and downs

Together we grow

Friendship means no odium

Just chill bro.

Friendship means always there’s

An invisible hand

Friendship means you, me and

Our dreamland.

Friendship means blind support

At hours of need

Friendship means togetherness

Beyond the grid.

Friendship means fight against

All odds together

Friendship means beyond doubts

Birds of same feather.


Like all ‘why’s don’t have an answer,

All likes too don’t have a reason.

We never know what makes us

Fall in love with someone;

And then what brings us away from the same love.

Our footsteps fade with time amidst the perpetualbliss.

But what remain are the blessed moments

We breathed together.

Life is so short, why make it shorter?

Come, let’s join hands towards an eternal goal.

Don’t Speak, Just Listen

When they speak

You can only listen.

When they raise finger at you

You can only be silent.

When they abuse you

You can only tolerate.

When they question you

You can only agree.

When they enjoy outside

You can only wait.

When they demand

You can only server.

When they rule the world

You can only abide by.

When they die

You can only breathe.  

Oh Lord

Tender fingers could just sense danger

As they invaded with malevolent forces.

Whom to trust?

She does not know.

Uncle, cousin, teacher, guardians, protectors

All hungry for her tender flesh.

One dark morning

She came back home

With signs of torment all along.

Injuries may heal, but not scared soul.

Days pass with a noxious dread

Her little body can’t bear the jolt.

If that was her fate,

Then why do we save them?

Let’s kill them at womb without pain.

If you can’t provide them a safe existence

Then why Lord,

You send them to earthly Hell?


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