Mountassir Aziz, Morocco

Mountassir Aziz, Morocco
Member of IWA Bogdani
Mountassir Aziz, is a globally focused poet who has committed his writings to the betterment of humanity and peace. He was born in Casablanca, Morocco on March 30, 1961, and he presently lives in the north of the Kingdom of Morocco with his wife and their son.Aziz has dedicated thirty years of his life teaching about the modern-day renewal of poetry and the transformation of the traditional Arabic language structure. He says that there is traditional poetry, modern poetry and then, precious poetry.The poet has received three honorary doctorates and high honors due to his literary work and service to humanity. The World Federation of Goodwill Ambassadors has recognized his significance with a Certificate of Goodwill Ambassador from Morocco. He passionately devotes his global acclaim to serve as a humanist and humanitarian leader and an ambassador of creativity and peace.Aziz has been an invitee to a large number of cultural conferences and international poetry festivals in Spain, Tunisia and Egypt.Mountassir has 4 poetry collections in Arabic: The Sad Melody, Play Waiting, Double Play and Pain, and Scratches on the Waiting Face. As Much as Fancy Comes Reproaching is the title of his new poetry work, which is in print. His poems have been translated into various languages, including Amazigh, French, Spanish, Italian, English Japanese, Serbian, Kurdish, and Slovakian. Mario Rigli, a renowned Italian poet and painter, has translated some of his poems and sang them as  a musical composition together with the well-known Italian composer, Fabio Martoglio. His works have also been translated into Italian by Maria Palumbo, into English by William S. Peters and Nizar Sartawi .Some of his Arabic poems have been sung by Naima Elghandouri and fawzy elkaram..
Mountassir Aziz is:
The President of international forum of creativity and humanity. The Ambassador of Inner Child Press Washington in North Africa.The Ambassador of WIP (Nigeria) in Morrocco
He  participated in 4 poetry international anthologies:- Atunis galaxy anthology 2019- The current international anthology if English poem Festival prime India 2019- Love Morrocco by William s Peters Sr- The Book of the Arab Writers.
I am the flower
of your time
Don’ t let me
In the hand of the sellers
Keep me in the vase
of your heart
My fragrance is your love
And my color is your dress
My thorns are your guards
Don’ t let me
In the harsh hands
Emprison me
In the cage of your chest
Water me ..
I’ m planting in you
My thirst for life
You’ re my ancient dream
I flirt with you
In my nightmares
I erase the fog
Off your beauty
And ,with my thorn bouquet ,
I make a fort to protect you
I bury your sorrow
In Automn pools
And I transform
your tear
Into dew
For you ‘re
A wonderful dream
You’ re
childhood’ s innocence
You ‘re a prayer ‘s purity
Is war
Waiting for herself
In destruction
In harvesting prematurely
Burning the fruits
In the overheating sky
With smoke
On the closed window
On the deserted door
And sand
Like the ear knocks
Pallor and twigs
Celebrating throttle breaths
On blood stars
A pure criminal on a family
In their zooming
Going and not seeing
Her dreams
Shelling in turns
the darkness
Dance in the huts of light
In Opera Safety
Human crawls into hills
Of dust
Planted in the eye of time
And steal the mellow cast
Do not look for water
To wash the forehead of orphans
And the thirst of time
I am not the one who cries
It is the fragrance of peace
Freaked out
From the shadow of life
From the date of covenants
From the books of religions
Human screams
Without nobility
Storm storms
And clouds
In front of a deep farewell
The lamp was there
We were young
The world was small
For the light of souls
my village
my city
I drew letters from fire
And Odette dried up
The banks were built
Central corridor
Of fragments of destruction
And the lost form
Love and house
Between generations
And countries
Between Joys of existence
And grueling ages
by Moroccan poet Aziz Mountassir
Translated by Nizar Sartawi
The pens of the geniuses
Mozart’s melodies
Marcel’s solos
and Shakespeare’s poems
talked to me
about love
and about the time that has passed
about the density of darkness
and the vending of peace
about the naked shame
that has melted the candles
caused the flowers to shrivel
besieged me with misery
sent security
to void
and let bodies fall victim
to the yellowness of autumn
and storms of winter
They talked to me about
the streams of blood
to placate evils
among the nations of jasmine
about oppression and dreams
in the age of gallows and punishment
The rustling of my alphabets
is a nap for doves
virgin parks
not yet pollinated
living the ecstasy of desires
Their eyes see impurities
Their tongue talk of beauty
World Female 
O world female
How you bear so many meanings
A legend you are that can never be erased
You’ve filled the years
with men
Deep and sundry thoughts you are
a bliss and love
and colors on lips
Wicked is he
who calls you snake
And noble who’s been given your poison
to drink and be cured
If the world has a life
you are its life
Wake up O time
Move from the burial place of shadows
to the truth of light
For Eve is the festivity
with whom wishes are fulfilled


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