Nassira Nezzar, Algeria


Nassira Nezzar, Algeria

Nassira Nezzar , a poetess and writer from Algeria, graduated from university of May 8th1945 Guelma ( Bachelor of English Language and Literature). She has a diploma from CNEPD Annaba ,as sueprior Technician in Tourism (Choice:Touristicguide). She has attestation of success in Spanish language from a private school (Triki), and an attestation of presence in Italian language (CLS).
She worked at the university of May 8th1945- Guelma– as an English language teacher for 8 years.
She worked at the cultural directory of Guelma and worked also as an English language teacher at the National Insitute for Vocational training –Guelma

Nassira is a member of:

The International Forum For Creativity And Humanity

The International Forum Pentasi B WorldWide Family

The World’s Nations Writers’ Union Kazakhstan

The International Forum Motivational Strips


Nassira Nezzar has a published work, a book entitled :FAMILIAR STRANGERS , which is a collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride.It’s dedicated to all who believe possible the impossibile

She participated in different international anthologies, Love is like air-USA-, The Other Side Of The Screen-Poland-, Women Poets -within and beyond shore Vol 1-2 &3-India-,  Whispers of Soflay,  Verses on Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis –India-,  Metafora Współczesności –Poland-and participation in an international anthology against Racism– Love Postcards

Nassira Nezzar has her own poems on Youtube plus collaborative poems with the American author John E WordSlinger. She recited different poems in different languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish.

Her website:


1/ Blank Pages

Blank pages were awaiting me

on my desk..

I picked up my pen

Staring at them gently

I tried to hug my wondered thoughts carefully

A deep breath was taken

A part of stress was thrown

A wall of hesitation was broken

But what’s the hell!!!

What’s the hell!!

A motion was built up inside of me

And I couldn’t recognize the feeling accompanying me

Joy or sadness!!…tranquility or rebellion!!

Loneliness or congestion!!

I stood up in front of the mirror

Pondering what’s the error !!..

The clock …

The clock attracted my attention

With its tic-toc…tic toc ..

The rain was falling on the window’s glass

Drop by drop…

the midnight shined on the clock and on my heart ..

But …The fear of the world

the hesitation of words..

had trembled me again

I thought of a break …but I didn’t take

So I  came back to my desk again

Staring at the blank pages

asking myself:

Am I the emptiness of hearts?

Am I the contradiction of world?

Am I the heaviness of earth?

A thought with a joyful smile took off all the wonder

And hugged my mind…Saying ..

I’m your  new story…

Are you ready to get  rid of  bad memories

And  hard circumstances..

Come on … Don’t hesitate …

Throw your pains behind you

As you need me to fill your emptiness…

I need you to take from my fullness

the love, the success, and the happiness ….

I’m like the earth ..

I carry the world on my shoulders

I always wait that human being irrigates me with love

Not blood

I would like to see the faces happy not sad

But ….what  should I say ?!!!

I’m your today…

Hug me tight without care

of what  was diminished in yesterday

or what will appear in tomorrow.


2/ Whispers of love

I raised my bowed head to your tenderheart

I pursue your wise paths to not feel apart

My tears are flowing in the ocean of silence

But whatever the distance , whatever the difference..

In my heart …I feel your presence..


Our souls are touching each other

Under the sky of honesty and the rebellion of tranquillity

I call your name in the morning and the eventide

I call it through the blessings of day

And the whispers of night ..


I raised my bowed head to destiny

My words are scattered between the dream and reality

The questions are many ..

But the answers are few ..

Shall we continue our life as one

Or the honest emotional bond

Will be divided into two …

Shall we continue our life

By keeping the “I” and the “ you

Or separate them as” the false” and “the true !

3/Sometimes a word…

Have you ever contemplated the poet’s eyes

And how they hold the huge mass of words

Have you ever seen the rebellion of stars in the skies

And how they hold each other for brightening our world…

Have you ever stared at the trip of words..

And how they delve deeply

into hearts despite the long miles..

Sometimes a word

hugs our dreams to irrigate them with joy

Sometimes a word

Hugs our reality to throw us as if we‘re a used toy..

Sometimes a word..

Takes me to the depth of your world..

Where there’s no hate, no discrimination, no wars…

No jealousy, no oppression, and no difference of religions…  

Yes…your world…

Where I see only the eyes of a loving poet

A poet…

Who lives the storms but spread tranquillity

Who collects words of love and joy to forget his misery

Who collects his tears and his smiles..

For being an ocean of words that could carry

the feeling with its various weights and sizes…


Yes sometimes a word to appear with confidence

Sometimes a word to disguise as the weak flies…

So behind the silence they hide…


Sometimes a word is said

To feed heart and head …

Many smiles may be drawn

And many tears may be shed…

Sometimes a word said

Many emotions with great passion they are led..


Sometime a word carries many questions

Awaiting one sufficient answer…

We are created in this world

For loving each other not for killing or

Using our words as swords…



Three drops were following each other without stop ..

Rumors called them tears ..

Rumors called them sounds of fears ..

But I call them ..

My awaited dreams …

I call them

My rays of love ..

I call them

My pulses of faith ..

I call them the signs of a new birth


Three drops were following each other ..

The first said : THE FARTHEST

The second said: l ’VE GONE

The third said : WITH YOU ..


My ears were fixed on the sound made by your heartbeats.

My eyes were fixed on the pride built on your eyelids

My feeling climbed with blissful heights of love

Looking above..

Searching the pinnacle of your heart..


The farthest I’ve gone with you

Your love delved  into my soul deeply

You were whispering:

I’m the joy that covers your sadness..

I’m the peace that covers your frightfulness

I’m the small embrace in which you find vastness

I’m you and the farthest  you’ve gone  to my heart

You’ll discover many things and «  ME »


The farthest I’ve gone with you had shown me things

I can’t construe..

The farthest I’ve gone with you the sweetest bridge

I’ve walked through ..

The farthest I’ve gone with you I would like to redo it

and start new..

The farthest I’ve gone with you time flies in it by fast..

We lived the moment without care

of the future or the past.



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