Muharrem Kurti, Kosova


    Muharrem Kurti was born in Smolicë, Gjakovë on May 30th,
    1963. He is the author of three books of poetry and one book of
    short stories. In 1981, was awarded a Diploma as the best writer in Kosovo, participating with his first volume of poetry. Apart from
    poetry he writes also Essays, reviews, short stories and novels. Muharrem Kurti is serving as the chairman of the “Gjon Nikollë Kazazi” literature club in the city of Gjakova.
    Books published in Albania and Kosovo:
    1. “Gjelbërimi natën”, poezi, botoi “Rilindja”, Prishtinë, 1998
    2. “Lutja e kthimit”, poezi, botim i “Marin Barleti”, Tiranë, 2000.
    3. “Lotët e luleve”, poezi, botoi Klubi letrar “Gjon Nikollë Kazazi”, Gjakovë, 2009.
    4.“Drita e Zezë” tregime, botoi Klubi letrar “Gjon Nikollë Kazazi”, Gjakovë, 2011.
    5.”Porta e Arsyes” Poezi e zgjedhur, “Lulu” SHBA 2012
    6.”The gate of the Reason” , Poezi perkthim ne gjuhen angleze “Lulu” SHBA 2012
    7.”Dialog me dhimbjen” , poezi , Klubi letrar “ Gjon Nikollë Kazazi “ 2013
    8.”Antologji e poeteve te Malesise se Gjakoves , poezi 2013
    9.”Data njembedhjetë” ,roman ,” Nacional” , 2015
    10.” Dhimbje e bukur” (ΟΜΟΡΦΟΣ ΠΟΝΟΣ)“ Poezi perkthim ne gjuhen greke , Greqi , 2016
    11.”Dhimbje e bukur ” (FRUMOSA DURERE) Poezi e zgjedhur “ Poezi perkthim ne gjuhen Rumune , Romania 2017

    Silence in the Place of a Mother

    since October first 2008
    In the place of mom
    is silence
    of the dark night

    Light is not on
    is not heard the sweet voice
    the rays and smiles are missing
    With its frosting
    frightened me
    in its place…

    Beginning of the End

    Every tragic
    every beginning…


    Dont sing
    if you don‟t know
    to lament
    Don‟t lament
    if you don‟t know
    to sing.

    Is It The Case

    On the solitude given to me by fate
    always met people of winter
    met people from the night
    I met people of frost

    Never I met people of the light
    never I met people of dawn

    Perhaps I would become also
    a night winter
    a solitude of frost
    with a name of migration….

    Elbasan, 1985

    A Little Time

    A little idylic time
    for the white lit passages for letters of love
    for the wave of a river for the creeks
    for the soft voice for the lite wind
    a little time for the mistakes of an error
    for the pardoned error and the extended hand
    for all the initiatives without cuarrel

    A little time for relaxing on the sea
    for the sea of dusk and fallen leaves
    for you who has his desire for my good joys
    a little time to the forgiveness of envy
    for the accepted envy for the cloudyness of the forehead
    during the envy
    for the excited woman and suffered man
    for the sun from the east for nature when becoming full
    of stars


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