Muhammad Azram, Pakistan


    Muhammad Azram, Pakistan Member of Iwabogdani 

    Poet and writer Muhammad Azram hails from Pakistan. He has emerged in the world of literature with no formal institutional background in literature, yet he stands firm on the ground of art and literature. He cultivates his zest throughout his flowing ideas into ever fertile soils of poetry, seeking to feel so deeply to connect within life’s inner dialogues and monologues that find way within grace of natural tendencies, bloomed through soulful reflection. Within simplistic and inimitable style, he also endeavors to surmount life’s challenges that live freely within openings of universal philosophies to far ascend upon new found heights; meeting inner-bliss. His literary work and books continue to be published widely and his poems reside in various international anthologies; reaching across the world to sing offerings from a heart of unity that wishes to realize world peace for humanity.


    I travel far and across;
    Within a finite known,
    And to an infinite unknown

    A very complex expedition;
    Within infinite layers of finite,
    And to finite layers of infinite

    The journey within limits;
    Limits me on to my limited known,
    And journey beyond my limits
    Takes me to enormity of unknown

    Where, what I am thinking now
    Definitely unknown to my little known
    But my known is feeling so blessed
    In peaceful palms of a greater unknown



    Life emerges from zilch
    For the yearn of living, embraces life
    Travel from a nothing to an extinction

    Earth, to sprouts a fragile stalk
    Endows all power to rip her bosom
    To gratify her yearning to dump it

    Colors for the yearn of recognition
    Embraces the light with all admiration
    Same light confiscates colors after prime

    This voyage is an abortive exploration
    Commences from darkness of nonentity
    And perish into cosmic light of time


    Spruced in time
    Amid and surrounded
    By net of moments

    Shirking a moment
    For a moment or covet
    Fleeing from jaws of time

    And marvel on the trend
    Death of moment results
    Death rendezvous with time
    Take life into vastness

    What will happen?
    Will it be a pleasure or treasure?
    When I will break a net of these moments
    And flee myself from nets of time

    Succession will surely
    Take me out of the existence
    Of reason and wobbly presence, and
    Take me into vast lands of cosmic fortitude

    And failure will honor me
    The unchanged divine mortality
    That relentlessly honors me philosophy
    Of transformation to a undying eternity


    Inimitable preeminence
    As life; as decreeing power
    Neither entity nor appearance
    Appeared on stage of existence
    And would disappear
    From phase of subsistence

    As form of highest oomph
    With unique privilege
    Of having all the energies
    Revolving around me as epic

    Privileged, and sitting on prestige
    Among all living energies
    Revolving within parameters of life
    No power has aptitude to challenge
    The greatness of my persistence

    As solitary engaging power
    Moves and revolves around life
    Engages life, relates life
    And communicates across life

    After leading my this epoch
    Will transform as form of subliminal
    And transform myself to another prestige


    On the rippling surface of boundless ocean
    Sailing on a little Canoe called life
    On a very lonely ,solitary voyage
    In a diminishing period of light
    between one darkness to another grievous sinister

    To the scope of an eye could travel
    I see nothing but mysterious space
    Between running time and fading light
    which I can not see till I shut my eyes

    Sailing on juggling and dancing waves
    Of an endless and aimless carpet of water
    I started the journey on high hopes and dreams
    With all the energies and power of dawn

    I trusted the oars of motivation
    And started paddling with reasons
    Fighting a turbulent colossal ocean

    I travelled as far as I could
    but after wasting all my energies
    I realized I had reached nowhere
    Reaching the same point at every point
    and embraced nothing
    But an enormous body of water

    After exercising all my powers of my prime
    With no power and a dying time
    Throwing oars into the vastness of the ocean
    Left myself on the mercy of slappy waves
    As light faded away and blackness emerged
    Shutting the eyes from light is not an option or choice
    It was the only way left till the darkness covers me
    With its enormous weight and insistent shadows


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