Agim Gjakova, Kosova


Agim Gjakova is the son of two teachers and patriotic activists for the liberation of Kosovo from Italian Fascism and German Nazism. His father was arrested by Italian fascists and tortured cruelly to let him die some days after. His mother managed to educate his eight years son.
Agim Gjakova was born on the 11th of July 1935. He finished elementary and middle school in 1952 in his town Gjakova, and began to study at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. During this period he founded the Association of Albanian Students studying in Belgrade, named “Endeavour”. For his opposition against the denationalization and cruel treating of Albanian people by Yugoslav (Serbian) tyrannical regime he was jailed three times, sent to a concentration camp and at last expelled from ex-Yugoslavia as persona non grata and deported to Albania in 1960.
​He worked as a teacher in Kavaja, Albania, (1960-1962). In 1966 he finished studies in the Faculty of History-Philology at the University of Tirana. From that time he worked in some places as teacher, editor-translator, screenwriter etc.
In June 1999 he came back to Kosovo. He worked as an editor for culture in the newspaper “The world today” till 2006, when he retired.
But as “dictatorship has no nationality” (dictum of Agim Gjakova) he was admitted badly by Albanian dictatorship regime. For his creativity with a democratic and humanist soul he was half ignored and half isolated, supervised at all times wildly by State Security of Albania until 1990, and some of his works were edited after the overthrowing the dictatorship.
In the Plenum of the Writers and Artists of Albania in 1967, he forwarded the request to support the treatment of subjects from the life of Kosovo Albanians who were massacred, deported to Turkey etc. This was received very badly by the “elite governing party”. He was accused that he raises issues contrary to the party line. He was on the brink of being jailed.
Following the publication of the novel “In search of the truth”, which was charged in plenum of the Writers as a-historical and tarnishing the reality, very dangerous accusations. In this sequence for the poetry collection “Roots renewed” (“I shoot dreams with stones”), which was banned from publication, Committee Plenum of the Party of Labour of Albania accused him: Counter Party ideology, Party politics, socialist construction, hermetic and warmongers as he treated some motives from Kosovo. Since then his name was first on the list of seven or eight persons as “maker is bound to err ideologically” and, as his works were not in accordance with the appetites of dictatorship’s regime.


My wife

Evergreen leaf in my album of life
when the winds wafted me before myself
more clear than day more unbounded then night
the darting of dawn all these long years
while my sky was your face through the railings
your seasoned smiling remained my space

how quickly my weary temples rattled
when the dew of time began to moisten your eyes
my recollections were stiffened into
rocky wrinkles (furrows)
and a flake of snow fshsht! was added to my head

smile once more for me
the light on the face frightens the wild darkness in a recess
and my stare as of a lion you soothe
smile once more for me
as a caravan of ants thoughts
nip my cerebrum
suck the poison as bird one by one grain beans
smile once more for me
let colors move deeper beyond the time

ah, what feelings impulses ardors
it lures!

For e smile I envy everybody
there are years that heart has forgotten that ornament.

The hind and the sea

She frisks sheds tears flirts with
drops drips sprinkles waves
the hind the doe the gold-horned

the sea enrage discharges hastens confesses
very old too endurable enormously emotional

the flower petals wraps her wholly
trickle flake breeze bud
flares flies wings whiffs

the sea shrinks kneeling sinful
sound-full colored soft face-full…

I am playing on the sand playing for fun!

The bottom – the head

I the poet of the end of the globe
started to go to head of this world
to se myself in the mirror of mankind

Why the poet of the end of the globe
The devil asked

They say that I am e disturber
they say that my speech doesn’t know bounds
they say that I don’t has money
they say. . and what they say not…

Why the poet of the end of the globe
asked the angel

because my love is to all
my dignity is uncompromised
my sufferings are endless
I am e man

I had forgotten that the globe can be turned
So with e little push I saw myself at the head.


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