Susana Roberts, Argentinia


Susana Roberts- Argentinian poet-writer-translator-peacemaker

Resides in Trelew- Chubut-Patagonian, Argentina, dedicated to the Culture of Peace
Dr. Litt Honoris Causa-WAAC-2009.Vital Member WAAC.Ca.EEUU.
Ambassador of Peace by Mil of Argentine Nation (Unesco-Unicef).
Vice. Dir. IFLAC- Argentina and Latin America/ Honorary Member Global Harmony Association-Russia/ Member SELAE: European Society of Writers and Artists/
Universal Ambassador of Peace n 537-Circle of Ambassadors-Geneva-Switzerland.
Member of Noosphera Ethical Ecological World Assembly-Russia.(NEEWA)
Member Presidium WFSC (World Forum of Spiritual Culture) -Kazakhstan.
International Cultural Ambassador – SIPEA.
Ambassador “The Love Foundation” -Tampa-Florida-USA.
Bilingual publications in many countries. Participation in many World, National and International Congresses. Honored award with the 1st prize to the translation by lPCRT -China. Won national, international Prizes, SADE awards including 1st Prize in English WAAC, WCP Trujillo-Peru 2014. Activity and trajectory awarded by the Government of the Prov. Del Chubut-Argentina during 2013-2016. Prize Grand Master Award for World Ladies Grand Masters in the Senate of Argentina Nation- CABA. 2018. Honored by India Intercultural Association with International Sahitya Shree award. And International Honor Lady with Roses award-Buenos Aires-Argentina MS Production.

Participated in Spanish and English Anthologies along the World, Finalist the Medal of Peace Prize by Foundation Salvador 2010-. Big Prize to the trajectory by Asolapo Arg. International Award. Publications in newspapers: In Spain-Greece, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Albany, India…Etc. Co-author of many books and anthologies.Prologuist.

Bilingual Books: Rostros / Faces. El vuelo del Ave / the flight’s bird. Arte y virtud en la evolución humana/Art and Virtue in human evolution – in French, Epub-France-Alter Editions).


The clear-eyed, wise man
Took a deep breath
Gave thanks to Heaven
For his arrival alive
The Mimosa hit the coast
The man kissed the land
Arid, dried out

From the distance
The Indian leered at him
Imbued with anguish
Reversing the course of his hope
A constant, austere wind
Cuddled hum up

The sea baptized his clothes
His luggage
The victuals
The same solitude
Twisted his entrails
The *cymraeg and memories
Made him sing in his heart

The south opened to him, his arms
The birds greeted in their nest
And the richness of the sea and its coasts

Later, that clears eyed man
Starting hitting the road
Sowed wheat, built chapels
Watched the Indian
For a long time, all quiet

Indians loved the land
Cultivated by the stranger
The wind cut into pieces man’s face
And with it swing made him older

Beyond further, guanacos, pewen
The legend and the cry of half breed Indians
Spilled blood on the plateau!

It was in August that San Jose transpired
Pigeons had uproar in their bell tower
The Gulf was shivering
The biguas, flamingos
The great bustards, the sea gulls
Turned gray this afternoon
The clear eyed man
Sang his hymn
Rose his regard and
sighed the very last time.
*cymraeg: welsh language.
Copyright-Susana Roberts


How to shape a precious work of art?
How to do with hisses resounding in my coast with
the rhythm of the sand and hummingbirds?

How to do with prays
they open the windows to a new day?
how to do this echoes tremble
in the silence of your company ?

How to know your rhythm and the rhythm
of your work through memory
with so many free dawns
and dead hopes?

How to shape the balance
of the blood in my veins
asking for a new light
among brothers?

It will be marvelous
building together the major
piece of art in an united symphony of love
all over the earth.

Copyright-Susana Roberts.





Angel of kindness
¿Where was your pedestal?

words, frightened birds
flying in the dark
and Libya is bleeding
impossible deals
concubine’s blood on their streets, their dead

and you? …
you are reading the newspaper
your woman nursing a child
neutral hope
unfortunate hell
the single sea salt
shows me a sun of stone
where the terror stopped
in the solitude of my eyes
alongside the life
copyright-Susana Roberts



You spilt the whole blue
Over my eyes
Like honey sweetness
Intoxicates jasmines
Humidity is penitent of love
the verb is meeting down
the infinite ocean

I write Peace as I write sorrow
with fire and air
pressed in my fist
the light is growing
Like a strong fight
Inside the hollow of my skin
Coming over to my shoulder
Right now that
I am a flame of your body

Copyright ©-Susana Roberts


To whom does mind?
My lonely bones
spun in the naked segment of the cotton
To whom does mind?
My flesh and pupils of my eyes
the golden wanderer’s  song
in the streets of my dreams

To whom does mind?
If tomorrow I die, my son
today is Sunday
your call blinks in the shadows

If never mind
I will go to the park
where my age
is waiting for more readings

I will go
to feel myself embraced
by the river in its joy
while the sunset prepares the waters
entangling some tales in the afternoon
between junipers

Then maybe
I get drunk
with the lights that fade in the banks
the lonely balanced and dry picture
in the contour of the figures of the autumn

Copyright ©-Susana Roberts



People who are living with a lack of adjectives
many diseases in daffodils and narcissi
are shedding when the pain
inside the petals
defoliates many flowers

¡People tremble in the light!
during the idus of May and September
that sharp flash
on the gates
the rictus and love

¡People tremble in front of the indolent!
When the light was germinating
but banished from the bulb

¡People are Trembling, meeting others souls!
ignominy to the wind
madness flashes in the darkness

Fury is a constant flame that bleeds
the good is a gift
in the distance the speed and wills
¡ People tremble with detachment!
the pure internal glance
love and dizzy
joining steps done
hearts of the people
a new fertile soil
under the bluest shades
in the silence traffic of words
and the virtuous search

Copyright-Susana Roberts



I left the absence
In a crystal of violets

I left a carousel at the corners
when I was going behind the violins
and let the cement dilated my feet

I left off the urban sky
in the window’ seams
with light of tears
entering the room
raising an universe of angel
birds and dawns
climbing a dream
in the sky of another wall

I let your silence
forget me
in the sweat of roofs
after the rain

I left, then
my book to you, at the station
when the Orient Express
shook my heart again and again
¿Is this eternity?
In freedom, so pure the soul
or is it a game?
A mix of musk and rubies
with the simple excuse
to remain alive

perhaps many silences
are nesting caresses
and they are lovers
warm breaths
the whole purpose
Queen of the Night
in the body of water.

copyright .Susana Roberts




At the dawn of times
In my heavenly world
It was handed a strange seal
Lying in the palm of the hand
I saw a lush garden
With golden fruits
That is the secret
The donations amazed me
Surprises in the extensive research
To find persons with extraordinary soul
These are the actual conditions we meet us
in any horizon
where brotherhood is blessed. 



Oh!, Life of my body and my strength , all of you, soul and heart, oh! You are my heart and soul! all of you have become all my being, that’s why you are all me. I’ve become nothing in you, that’s why I’m all you. Rumi


I crossed many centuries
with humid eyes
with child’s tears
sand and wind 

I got drunk
of your pious love
printed in me
your name
since a divine memory 

you know all this
in an unlimited time
the impossible shapes
you know who you are
and you don’t recognize me 

with what name should I invoke you
in this land of signs
when I kiss the distance
in the long race
of my tears to your house? 

I got lost
in the call of wind
behind curtains
where blood trembles
and we are with the truth
the part of a puzzle
anointed with untamed tenderness
in the same flight of the fire
when I name you and you name me
from the spiritual axis of the Universe. 

Susana Roberts-Patagonia Argentina



Ocean, I am looking inside you
For the origin and
in your orbit of salt
I open my hands
to keep your hours forever
This sacred blood is close
to the axis of wind
I kiss the metallic ring
when the lights go out in the port
and with internal fibers
I assemble parcels
with men’s narrowness and
the fold of their litigator’s shields
On the breast of the mother earth
In the precarious cover
This precious dark nest is travelling
Stretching the south cross
To break the misadventure
In the village of the sea
Invading with fish burnt crops
Before you unite quakes with your anger
To the contaminated outrage
I look for hostages in the high tide
With this obstinate custom
Of a deserted mirror
That hold to the skin of questions
And fill hands with scales
In the protective rite
Regenerate a piece
of our last oxygen.

Copyrigth-Susana Roberts.


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