Fethi Sassi, Tunisia


Poet and Translator FETHI SASSI

He was born on the 1st of June 1962 in Nabul ( Tunisia ) .
He is a writer of prose poetry and short poems and haiku ; translator of all his poems to English . A member in the Tunisian Writers’ Union ; and in the Literature club at the cultural center of Sousse .
1- first book entitled “A Seed of Love” was published in 2010.
2- ) I dream …. and I sign on birds the last words ) in 2013 . 3- ” A sky for a strange bird “ first edition in Egypt in 2016.
Second edition in September 2018 in Tunisia .
4- published in Egypt in march 2017(As lonely rose ..one a chair)
5- Poetic book in 2018 Egypt ( I used to hang my face behind the door)
1- Translated book is published in Canada 2017 ( and you are the entire poem ) www.amazon.com/dp/B072M3MYPM 2- Translated book was for the Turkish poetess H. Karahan (poems to the shadows ) in 2017 .
3- Translated book to Arabic titled ( poems to Aphrodite ) for the poet M. Algitakis published in Egypt in 2018.
4- Translated French book in HARMATTAN France for the third Arabic book ( Ciel pour un oiseau étranger ) .
5- Translated book of the American poet S.Bohen with 5 translators .
titled : god’s silence a lion’s roar .in 06.2018 .
6- Translated English short poetry book in Canada in 7.2018 titled ( wings and butterflies ) .
7- Translated English short poetry book in Zimbabwe in 07.2018
( I throw a star in wine glass )

https://www.amazon.com/I-Threw-Star-Wine- Glass/dp/0797493352/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1530881130& sr=8- 1&pi=CB1275522461_AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=I%20thre w%20a%20star%20in%20a%20wine%20glass%20by%20Fethi%20sassi 8- A short poetry book titled ( All the universe is the face of my beloved) in three languages Arabic English and French in September 2018.

The night became naked


I couldn’t fly in your eyes.

My wings were wet

I brought a pigeon and a little bit of poetry

And I turned off the forest from the trees

I kicked off the balls of the wind of my blood

I swiped it like a housewife does

I didn’t leave a single plume on my pillow

Even the night became naked


The darkness cut its wings

And it finally flew inside the clouds

Alone, when it drowned in crying .


The world is smaller than a poem


Be modern like me, and you have only that

Put the poem on the thread, and don’t worry words won’t fall down

from your hands

Then stand far from the text

Stand there and don’t come closer

Stay close or get away

Never mind anything

No one understands what you mean

Stand there … like a professional thief

Nothing stops you

The world is smaller than a poem

Take a chalk, and an eraser and write whatever you want

For example write about famine I the world, and about a leaf fell from

the hand of a tree

Or about the new in a channel

This will tell you that you are quite modern like me, Venture on

whiteness as a child

Only one thing will make you retrograde

A laugh from the eyes of your neighbor

And she is publishing a poem on the laundry rope

A small ant


As time goes on , I don’t desire anything

Im man with a bad temper ,

I don’t want anything.

But my strange desires dont resemble any other desire,

For example, sleeping with all the women of the universe at once

Or to sleep with an ant

Yes …. A small ant

Seeing her since the morning in front of her hole

I enter her bedroom; carefully arrange her little house with her

Help her to carry the crumbs into the kitchen

It is enough for me that she is elegant, and she has soft braids

She love poetry and red nights

And she excites me when she plays under my bed, and she carries my

poor words to the nearest poem

And she sleeps under my impossible dreams

SOUSSE 13.02.2019


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