Erling Kittelsen, Norway 


    Erling Kittelsen, Norway
    Member of IWA Bogdani

    Kittelsen had his debut as a poet in 1970. He has since than published several poetry cycles and collections, as well as fables, dramatic works and translations of poetry. (En setning eller to her …)

    He is known also for his dialogues, partly with colleagues and partly in the work with the translation of poetry from distant languages in relation to the Nordic language area like Arabian, Persian, Korean, Latvian and Sumerian. He also has poetical dialogue with the most ancient poetical traditions in the Nordic Countries – the Old Norse Poetic Edda where at first he translates the old text and than presents a contemporary literary answer. Erling is known as a writer who renews language, a poet and storyteller. He is a writer who moves in untraditional ways, both with the language in his books and dramatic works and his literary activity through events and happenings. His last play has been translated and performed several times in the Middle East.

    He has received several literary prizes and awards, amongst them The Aschehoug Prize 1990 (awarded on a binding recommendation by the Norwegian Critics Organization), The Dobloug Prize 2002 (awarded by the Swedish Academy) and Vindtorn-Prize 2017 (The national poetry prize).


    Wild birds (poems) 1970
    The tree arches (fable) 1973
    Between the rivers (7 stories) 1976
    Swing village (novel) 1977
    Long live the hull, rise from the junk (children book) 1979
    House in lockdown (biography) 1979
    Day and night at Le (poems) 1981
    Tiu (poetry cycle) 1982
    The wayward story about sollos, sealcats and a pocket of love in the sea (fable) 1983
    In this house (together with Paal-Helge Haugen, poems) 1984
    To tease a Guru, the story of a nameless seal) 1985
    Raka, the storyteller (fable) 1987
    Abiriel´s lion (play) 1988
    She (dialog with an Edda-poem, poetry cycle) 1989
    The spacedrifter (play) 200
    Pit (fable) 1991
    Fable Vega (fable) 1992
    The house of the seven dolls (play) 1993
    Heaven, Lake (translation of He Dong together with the poet) 1994
    Oceans of moments (translation of Jamshed Masroor together with the poet) 1994
    Fleeing clouds (translating of Muniam Alfaker together with the poet) 1994
    in (48 poems) 1995
    Dainas (translation of Latvian folk-poems) 1996
    Otrap (A critical exposition or wondrous intervals during 46 positions of love, novel) 1998
    On the heaven (play) 2000
    The book of vision (translation of Muniam Alfaker together with Walid al-Kubaisi) 2001
    Vindkald (dialog with an Edda-poem) 2001
    The sail of Brage (dialog with a scaldic poem) 2003
    From vinehouse to mosque (translation, 5 Persien poets, together with Finn Thiesen) 2003
    The rooster has crowed, the hero has done everything he had to do (poems, translated
    from Korean together with Vladimir Thikonov) 2004
    For Inanna (Enheduanna´s poem translated from Sumerian together with Jens Braarvig)
    The receiver (poems) 2005
    Diamond mountains (translating from Korean, Japanese ad Chinese, poems about to die, together with Vladimir Thikonov) 2006
    All that remains (biography) 2007
    When the world whispers (translation, san-stories, together with Roger Avenstrup) 2008
    Don´t tell it (play) 2009
    The poem runs like a town (poetry cycle) 2010
    Selected poems (bilingual, Norwegian/English) 2012
    I, Jako (novel/fable) 2013
    The sleeper (play) 2014
    Conclusion of peace (talk with Edda) 2016
    The old one (fable) 2018.

    Human bird
    we throw you
    off the cliff

    can you fly?


    If I´m blasted into the air
    then I´m blasted into the air
    and the air picked me up
    tomorrow I am rain.


    If I´m sunk into the sea
    then I´m sunk into the sea
    and the depths picked me up
    tomorrow I am food.


    If I´m put behind bars
    then I´m put behind bars
    and the walls picked me up
    tomorrow I am script.


    If I blast open the door
    then I blast open the door
    and you picked me up
    tomorrow I am more.


    I´m running along a branch
    that only the earth can see
    and because it is seen
    I am running along it.


    I am climbing up a rope
    that only the mast-top can see
    and because it is seen
    I am climbing up it.


    I´m balancing on an edge
    that only you can see
    and because it is seen
    I am balancing on it.


    When your wave comes with the stars as white sails
    I fly up in its wake with a coral-red kiss.



    To know you exist is reason enough to live
    to ask where the spear is to be thrown
    not to get mixed up in earth
    not to float away without hunger …
    a ray of truth catches up with me and warms me
    shines – quivers through me
    Is that what they want to do away with?
    A gleam from the heart that will rise up
    with force, wave slow-motion ticking flying
    some other direction swishing like a dragon´s extended tail
    shows itself: not so as to sink, not to stay there
    The shadow that clarifies the light.


    Time to think – leave in time
    time to arrive – let time pass
    suddenly too late to hang up the picture
    the wall gone, too late to blow up the mountain:
    a closed triangle against the far-away shower of sparks
    stagnated time, clogged valve, power carriage
    without a sense of the eroticism of mazes
    pillars break inwards
    The inaccessible
    the only entrance to yourself
    She is squeezed accessible
    enter-tained easily-bought
    Time for space-pease.


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