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Anna was born in Pollena Trocchia, a small town in the province of Naples, Italy. She studied flute and pianola, classical, modernand contemporary dance. She attended psychotherapy seminarsand she sought out the lives of the saints especially the Easternones. She loves art. Anna is a Reiki master. She studies Europeanlanguages ​​at the University. She is registered with the Oriental ofNaples. She has published two poetic collections (Magic of Love – Punto, Oltre l’Orizzinte) and two stories (The Crypt of DesiresShadows in the Mirror). She has won several National and International Awards and she is present in many National and International magazines, radios, online newspapers, reviews. Shewrites for several Italian, national and international newspapersand magazines. She collaborates with many foreign authors.  Herpoetic collection “Nirvana Karaoke” took second place at the International Competition Nabokov 2018, Italy.  She won animportant international recognition in Vrbas, Serbia (May 2019) and her poems are an importantTragAnthology. Her workshave been translated into Croatian, Serbian, English, Bosnian, Chinese, Palestinian Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Hindi  languages.


He was born in Recanati

in the sober, sober village

a little past

with the scent of lavender

and goodness of a sparrow.

In the loving period

the light of life

but that ironic and oppressed cult

He transformed your joy

in eternal pessimism.

The aroma of the print

He saved your soul in prison

that your Giordani too

he asked you to translate

and to find out how painters

but you have changed phase

singing much elsewhere

over the horizon

affirming in your traits:

To express my world

I need my verses

no more than that prose “.

Your big closure

he made you work hard

but the family environment

maybe he trained you

and also crowned.

You, sweet little sparrow

only for the fields

you sang your Silvia

sweet and without deception

your sweet caress.

From silence and then at sunset

memories of a village

on the day of that party

where infinity begins

This poem is dedicated to the great Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi


In the heart of Nepal

left a message,

you of a common man

your great Destiny

your hard Path.

In Wealth and money

you have lived your life

women and beauty

your heart have

kidnapped, them.

For the sake of a sheet

a villa he made you

your unhappy Father

he gave you a wife.

One evening suddenly

your verdict Balance

began the ascent

of Mudras and Gems.

Siddhartha Your Name

you have given your heart

for that great courage

you have awakened


I saw Hope

in a great immensity

and wind harmonica music

he was spying on me;

on the notes of my breath

composed a poem;

in the naivety of my gaze

he found himself at ease.

The stars in the clear sky

they’re writing a new story,

soon the talings

they will give birth to a new flower.

It is an unknown flower

but it has existed for millennia.

It’s more ancient than Earth.

It is the shadow of poetry.

It is the soul of the verses.

Knows every step

of the artist in love.

Red and Yellow ladybugs

they draw tulips

but the new petals overlook the sunset

Tender and Shy

they are the scent of sunflowers field


This poem is dedicated to the Ireland-Sunflower Association


I saw the Spring

in the Heart of Love

simple and light

it was the first melody.

Fragrance and color

they painted your eyes

with the help of my dreams

I caught a glimpse of the Horizon!

I hoped this peace

of Hibiscus and Harmony

of a long-awaited time

my steps I drew

on the beach of my heart

as a newborn nymph

that the wind caresses you


I saw that day

the Light in Paris

in your kind eyes

I grazed my soul.

a mantle of stars

wrapped us that day

and the Aurora suddenly

he drew on your face

love dreamed

our first kiss


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