Mountassir Aziz


Mountassir Aziz is:

– poet international and ambassador of humanity from Morrocco borth 30/3/61 Casablanca Maroc

-Teacher language arabic

-President of international forum of creativity and humanity.

-Ambassador of WIP (Nigeria) in Morrocco

-Membre and cordinator in Morrocco North Africa

Of Humanity

-Cordinator in North Africa of UWMC ( united World Movement children )

-Ambassador in north Africa of inner child presse
-He has 5 Books
-He participated in 4 poetry international anthologies:
– Atunis galaxy anthology 2019
– The current international anthology of English poem Festival prime India 2019
Love Morrocco by William s Peters Sr
– The Book of the Arab Writers
Winner of excellence Award festivalului international ,,CAMPIONSHIP,2019

Poem by Aziz Mountassir title : It is war

Waiting for herself

In destruction

In harvesting prematurely

Burning the fruits

In the overheating sky

With smoke

On the closed window

On the deserted door

And sand

Like the ear, knocks

Pallor and twigs

Celebrating throttle breaths

On blood-tainted stars

A pure criminal on a family

On peace

In their zooming

Going and not seeing

Her dreams

Shelling in turns,

and the darkness

dance in the huts of light

In Opera Safety

The human crawls on to the hills

Of dust

Planted in the eye of time,


And, they steal the mellow cast

Do not look for water

To wash the forehead of orphans

And the thirst of time

I am not the one who cries

It is the fragrance of peace

Freaked out

From the shadows of life

From the date of covenants

From the books of religions

The human screams


Without nobility

Storms storms

And clouds

In front of a deep farewell

The lamp was there

We were young

The world was small

For the light of souls

my village

my city

I drew letters from a fire

And Odette dried up

The banks were built

Central corridors

Of fragments of destruction

And the lost form

Love and house

Between generations

And countries

Between joys of existence

And grueling ages


I am the flower
of your time
Don’ t let me
In the hand of the sellers
Keep me in the vase
of your heart
My fragrance is your love
And my color is your dress
My thorns are your guards
Don’ t let me
In the harsh hands
Emprison me
In the cage of your chest
Water me ..
I’ m planting in you
My thirst for life
You’ re my ancient dream
I flirt with you
In my nightmares
I erase the fog
Off your beauty
And ,with my thorn bouquet ,
I make a fort to protect you
I bury your sorrow
In Automn pools
And I transform
your tear
Into dew
For you ‘re
A wonderful dream
You’ re
childhood’ s innocence
You ‘re a prayer ‘s purity

World Female ( 4)

O world female
How you bear so many meanings
A legend you are that can never be erased
You’ve filled the years
with men
Deep and sundry thoughts you are
a bliss and love
and colors on lips
Wicked is he
who calls you snake
And noble who’s been given your poison
to drink and be cured
If the world has a life
you are its life
Wake up O time
Move from the burial place of shadows
to the truth of light
For Eve is the festivity
with whom wishes are fulfilled

Aziz Mountassir


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