Maria Miraglia, Italy Vice President of IWA Bogdani


    Maria Miraglia, Italy
    Vice President of IWA Bogdani

    Anthologies Published

    Petali tra le Nuvole
    Publishing House Rupe Mutevole Bedonia (Pr) Italia (2014)

    Le Più grandi opere del Poeta Laureato Yayati Madan G. Gandhi Tradotte da Maria Miraglia
    Publishing House: The Poetry Society of India Gurgaon (Haryana) 2015

    Antologia Poetica
    Publishing House P. Neruda Taranto 2016

    Whisper from the Blue. / Sussurri dal Blu
    Global Fraternity of Poets Gurgaon (Hariana)   India 2016

    Dancing Woinds
    Writers Capital Press India 2016

    Seagulls in the Blue
    Global Fraternity of Poets Gurugram (Haryana) India 2017

    Polvere di Stelle / Stars Dust
    Publishing House Le Mezzelane Santa Maria Nuova An Italia- 2018
    Dancing Winds   Maria Miraglia translated into Telegu by Dr S.R.P Lanka

    Tra Realtà e Sogno a cura di Maria Miraglia
    Quorum Edizioni 2019

    W mitosci jestesmy Krolem i Krolowa Maria Miraglia, tanslation by A. M.Kukerska
    Night in Gale USA 2019

    Rreth dy Boteve Maria Miraglia Translation by Jeton Kelmendi
    Bodgani Editor Albania 2019

    Arcobaleno   Alija Maria Kuberska, traduzione a cura di Maria Miraglia
    Le Mezzelane- Santa Maria Nuova (An) 2019


    Dancing Winds by Maria Miraglia

    Medals: Maria Miraglia

    Poems by Maria Miraglia are in more than one hundred anthologies translated in many languages:
    Spanish, French, Russian, Rumanian, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, German, Chinese and many more

    • Premio di Poesia Università degli studi di Bari- Italia from the Rector Felice Antonio Uricchio 2016
    • Mihai Eminescu LES PRIX SPECIAL Craiova Romania June 2019
      Premio Internazionale di Poesia e Prosa – City of Galatone- Italia 2015
    • Pjeter Bodgani International Prize for Lyrics   Brussels, Belgium / Prishtina 2018
    • Certificato d’Onore   from the Lord Mayor of Crispiano Egidio Ippolito – Italy 2016
    • Certificate d’Onore from the Lord Mayor Ippazio Stefano Taranto- Italy
    • Menzione d’Onore Le Ragunanze Roma Italia
    • Silver Plate from Kibatek 39 Izmir Turkey 2015
    • Golden Plague from World Young Turkish Writers Union Baki
    • Certification of Honor from  World’s Nations Writers Union kazakhstan
    • International literary Festival Tuzla Turkey
    • Diploma de Honor Isla Negra from Alfred Asis Cile

    Excellence in World Poetry at the World Poetry Day Celebration by Nazim Hussain India Diploma Academia Internazionala “Mihai Eminescu 2019

    • Diploma de Isla Negra Poetas del MundoGuess of Honour Alfred Isis Chile
    • Fellowship Certificate  Fellow of the RegaL WORLD Of SCRIBES (FRWS) India 2017
    • Certificate of Excellence Dr Yayati Madan Gandhi International Poetry Festival 2016
    • Pentasi B. Lifetime Award Dr Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim Filippine2017
    • Pride of the Globe  Kairat Duissenov Parman 2017
    • Certificado de Membracia Naciones Unidas de Las Letras Columbia 2019
    • World Laureate in Literature 2018 World Nation Writer’s Union Kazakhstan WNWU 2018
    • Certificate of Rxcellence Yoyati Madan Gandhi 18.O1.219
    • Diploma Academia Intenazionala “Mihai Eminescu Craiova Romania 2°19
    • Diploma Fundatia Europeana “Mihai Eminescu” Romania 2018
    • The Enchanting Muse Award Writer’s Corner, Warangal, Telagana India 2017
    • Diploma Maroccan Poetry Association 2015 Rabat Marocco
    • Guess of Honour Craiova Romania June 18, 2019
    • Certificate of Excellence   The Poetry Society of India 2017
    • Certificate of Excellence Dr Yayati Madan Gandhi India 2016

    Diplomas: Maria Miraglia


    Write for me a love poem
    when the moon
    her maids calls to stud
    with shining pearls
    the dark dome
    Write for me a love poem
    when the winds
    gently move the treetops
    playing romantic serenades
    Write for me words of love
    when the waves
    like joyful children
    each other chase
    at the first lights of dawn
    whisper to the finches and sparrows
    your most beautiful rhymes of love
    like messengers they’ll come
    to my window
    singing their songs
    to tell me of you
    Collect for me
    the sweetest words of love
    when the morning dew
    gently awaken
    with its light touch
    the still drowsy flowers
    in the endless fields
    And still write for me words of love
    when the sky
    on the horizon
    in its endless embrace
    the sky kisses

    @ Maria Miraglia



    I decided to go, at last
    to get out from that house
    which had been for so long mine
    heavy and grim the atmosphere
    divergences and aloofness
    great like mountains
    never a word of love
    never a smile
    The only deliverance
    from the everlasting oppression
    to run quickly away
    and the day came
    It was dawn
    the first day-lights peeping
    from the horizon
    and aimless
    i closed behind me that door
    only a lean cat in the avenue and
    just some streetlights
    still lightening the houses
    inside me a faint hope
    to hear a familiar voice
    crying out my name
    Not far the sea and its waves
    rhythmically breaking
    against the rocks
    I found myself there
    shivering with cold
    yet could clearly hear
    coming from the deep waters
    a caressing voice
    and i let me go to its inviting call
    My heart stopped beating
    my lungs breathing
    but I could see
    shortly after
    some passers by
    looking at my lifeless body and
    from a distance hear
    their voices whisper
    a drowned man…a drowned man



    Crystal glasses on the tables
    and bundles of roses
    guests, elegantly dressed
    chat smiling
    while from a grand piano
    softly comes the sound
    of romantic melodies

    You there
    silent sitting
    your eyes
    once of a light blue
    now like the twilight colors
    of an autumn eve
    staring in the void
    Your lonely soul
    crosses space and time
    from present to eternity
    dreaming the winds
    take you up to her
    the clouds open a way through
    birds point the way
    up to the gates of heaven
    And you can
    once again
    lay your lips on hers
    and softly touch
    her ethereal face
    still so much loved@
     @ Maria Miraglia-



    I have no dresses for me
    never go out to breathe fresh air
    nor I meet people
    complains one-day Consciousness
    me too want to take walks and—–
    see the sun—–
    I’m tired of being silent
    of being kept locked here inside
    Quickly Man replied
    everyone knows
    you are not used——
    to wear clothes——-
    those are just for me
    It’ s up to me—–
    to face the seasons——-
    stay there, do not claim
    what is not for you
    most of the times—-
    it’s windy or rainy—–
    and even in spring—-
    weather can be bad—–
    if you came out
    you’d easily find yourself
    in the midst of storms



    Rapt by you Dawn
    by your uncertain colours
    shyly breaking the deep dark
    of the nights
    by the first bizarre twirls
    of the birds in the light air
    of the early morning
    with you there
    to awaken Men
    to a new day
    I could stay for hours
    to admire you silently
    while wondering about the mystery
    of light and gloom

    How many more sunrises
    will I be a witness
    before the unwanted call
    of the Grim Reaper
    invite me to go
    naked and without burdens
    but the hidden secrets
    kept in my soul

    I’ll then think back to life
    to the world
    to the early hours of the mornings
    their rose-pink light
    and still feel amazement
    and a sense of melancholic nostalgia.

    @ Maria Miraglia


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