Kae Morii, Japan

Kae Morii Short Biograph

Biography:  Given birth in Osaka on 20thJanuary

          Keio Univ. BA.  Poet,


Poetry collectionA Red Currant” published in 1997 by Doyobijutsu publisher in Tokyo

Poetry collectionHomage to the light”published in 2003 by Doyobijutsu publisher

         in Tokyo

Poetry and art collection “The light of lapis lazuli” Collaboration with Kojin Kudo (member of Academy), published in 2003 by Biken International in Tokyo

Poetry collection The Wind with Me in 2006 Mongolia by Dr. Mend-Ooyo in Ulanbaatru

Poetry collection Over the Endless Night in 2008 by Yusurika pubulisher in Nagano.

Poetry collection Cabbage Field & Wind Power Generators in 2008 by Dumitru

      M.Ion,Carolina Ilica Academini Internationale Orient-Occident in

         Cartea de Arges

Poetry collection “66-Mega Quake, Tsunami and Fukushima”, 2012BookWay in Himeji

Poetry collection “Olive-A Letter from Anne Frank”, 2012 by BookWay in Himeji

Coraborated book with USA Laureate Pots, Seasons of Sharing, 2014 Leepfrog press,in NY

Translated poetry book by Poet Lee Kuei-shien into Taiwan, ”66-Mega Quake, Tsunami and Fukushima”, 2016

Publication: Annual poetry books and magazines in Japan

         Nepal-Japan poem collections, Introduced in U.S.A., Korea, Taiwan, Greece Mongolia, France, India, Rumania, Macedonia, Nicaragua, Colombia, China, Puert Rico, South Africa, Viet-Nam… etc.

         World Poetry, Almanac, Moon Light of Corea,

Anthology of Terre de poetes terre de paix, and so on.

News paper in Taiwan,Greece, Mongolia, US, Romania, Macedonia, Colombia, and so on.

Poetry CD Sporting Words in U.S.A. with Poet Laureates, 2007

Her poems has been published in many countries:

Participation in International Poetry Festivals:

         WCP in Korea 2004,

WCP in LA 2005,

WCP in Mongolia 2006

         WCP in India 2007

Poetry Conference with Laureate Poets in U.S.A. 2007

         Poetry Festival International de la Poesie a Paris, France, 2007  

     International festival Curtea De Arges Poetry Nights, Rumania2008

     International Struga festival,Poetry Evenings in Macedonia2008

         WCP in Acapluco 2008,

     WCP in Hungary, 2009

International poetry festival Cartagena, in Colombia, 2009

APLIJ International poetry festival in US with Mexican poets, 2009

         WCP in Taiwan, 2010

         WCP in Kenosha, 2011

International poetry festival Cartagena and Crete in Columbia, 2011

         International Poetry Festival in Nicaragua, 2012

         International Poetry Festival in Miami, 2012

         WCP in Israel, 2012

         International Poetry Festival for Peace in Paris 2012

     International Poetry Festival What’s the poetry in South Africa, 2014

         WCP in Korea, 2014

The 2nd Asia Pacific Poetry Festival 2015 in Vietnam

The 5th Qinghaihu International Poetry Festival 2015 in China

The 1st Formossa International Poetry Festival 2015 in Taiwan

International Poetry Festival in Nicaragua, and lecture in UCA univ. by Japan Embassy, 2016

The 2st Formossa International Poetry Festival 2016

Bolivia International Art & poetry festival in autumn 2017

Vietnam Poetry Day 2018, with Japanese representative poets of JPA

WCP in Korea, 2018

WCP in China (Guiyang) with Shierhaihe International Poetry

Festival and Silk International Poetry Festival (Suzhu) 2018

6th Taiwan Literature Symposium of Pingtong Univ. 2018

The 3rd international poetry Poetry Festival in Vietnam, 2019

Poetry Workshop in Uzbekistan, 2019

(The 1st Eco Poetry & Conference, (Qing Yuan) in China, 2019)

(International Poetry & Peace Conference, Kolkata in India 2019)

Award of Fairy 1998

Award of poetry education 1999

Award of literature by Mongol Writer’s Association in Mongolia 2006

Nominated in the Art prize of Curtea de Arges 2008

Award of poetry contest WCP in Acapulco, prize winner 2008

Award of Korean literature 2008

Award of poem WCP in Taiwan, 2010

Award of poem and Golden medal of WCP in Kenosha 2011

Award of literature in Korea 2012

Award of Poet Laureate in Korea 2014

Contribution Award in Taiwan, 2016

Contribution Award by Chinese poets in Nagasaki, 2016

Award, Pride of Global by Kazakhstan writer’s union, 2017

Award of poem WCP in China, 2018

Award of poetry by Vietnam Writer’s Association in Vietnam, 2019

Ambassador of poetas del mundo.

She organized, Peace on Earth project, 2010

She organized, Poetry Exchange with Chinese poets in Nagasaki, 2016

Member of Japan Poet Club, WAAC, WPS, IWA, GHA-Japan.

The Chair judge of UNESCO-kairin Japanjunior poem contest since 2010~


The Sun and the Sea

The sea!

The wave splashing on the rock of my heart washes me away

The sea!

The book is open to your dawn and a tale on the beach


The sun set adrift in my dream

The sea to read my fear and bless my life!

The sea to shine the eternal and the moment in harmony

And to play the beautiful melody!


When the tear looks for the sun

And views the bird stopping at absurd branch

When the surge smashes my silent shells

And mixes meditation and delusion to build the fanciful future

Oh, the sea!

The sea to nurse life with the original light!


The golden light gently ripples into my eyes

How many times do I have to call your name…

Children crying in the war

This world which continues conflicts, is still in chaos.

How many times do I have to call your name?

The earth dyed in blood by a gunshot

This world which can’t get peace by the word, is still uncompleted.

When human dignity is burnt by the fire of the hate

Just now, when innocent citizens are about to be bombed

When the cry for you is dyed in blood…

Isolate Island

The green breeze had gone away

The heat haze is shimmering along the lonely rails

My thought like a circling shadow of sunflower looking up the sun

Let’s tell the birds!

The deserted house and ivy

The funeral train of ants

Wave sounds from far away

Waving twinkle of stars

The breeze had gone away

Let’s accept your voice

Like a puppy abandoned on a lonely road

Reading the book Love and Freedom then

I measure up with the water level to repair the broken anemoscope

Let’s pray the breeze comes to us

I put my ear to your dream

And listen to your voice

Like a light touching the night silence

At the Waterside              

Would it also be a castle in the water?

The sounds to crumble in midnight,

Even the brittle earthen wall be plastered.  

From the neighbor’s cinema house

Sometimes the film runs over the borderline

To scatter our cosmos petals

The numerous fists rising up to the sky screen

Driving wedges in an axis of time

With another howl of a white wolf crossing the mountain


Our ears would be closed?

As if recording the passing moments

The dropping sound from a tap of water supply

Spreading water sounds, overlapping with rain shower

Already, our outer moat is sunk

Momentary sigh in the stream of evening sun

Nothing to stop crumbling in silent prayer of the time

No way to step in another world?

Numerous shadows are folded here,

The pain of no voices and the afterglow are folded,

In the empty space between decayed foot pillars

The moon is floating on the water

Now again

Even it be called from another shore

The phantom would cheat itself, like his voice had cheated…

Time is crossing over a mountain pass

The surging waves, the big waves

Then, we’d be able to keep standing?

Looking up our roof falling down.

From the moon on the water, numerous moths fly up

And their scales fall down

Then, we’d drive away or embrace in arms?

Would it be also to keep our voice?  

The advent of incredible flood, already weirs are broken

At the origin of this civilization

Without swallowing in dark waters of the surface

Our voice would tell to birds in the early morning?

Though the steams of time compete each other

We’d be able to stand in the new earth?

                                        Oct. 2019

On the Way for Blue

An expectation trudged along a knife of crescent moon

Even the tall goldenrod is scattering its pollen

The moon light calls travelers

The pupil of the sky,

The Khumo tells the Capital of the Blue

My journey is endless

Through pale blue, sorrowful cobalt blue, water blue…

There a lotus flower whispered me an end and open

the water is not only in the earth but also in the sky

A bird of Khumo is seen in the Celestial pupil

Somehow looking for a perch on a sand of the wind

Although the magnificent essence of geometry is flowering

Somehow lonely circling over the Capital of the Blue

Oh, to the oasis, the bird!

Perch on a shuttle* weaving fresh winds in the beauty of flourishes

* a tool to weave weft between warps

The Old Mulberry Tree on Silk Road

An old mulberry tree, twined the white hair around

It has gazed at its big shadow

How long the wind has passed…

Nobody see the pleasant chat of camel caravan nowadays

The dry sunshine riffles through the pages of books*

However, even now, we meet it on the paths

That the silken wind gently is swaying

Over the mountain of discontinuity

Stepping on the shadow of nostalgia

The poets who collect the leaves of the word

In the oases studding with the mulberry tree

Someday, a poetry caravan will step on the Silk Road

For the pleasant exchange of poetry

Twining with the silken wind

 *Literature museum in Namangan, Uzbekistan


On the day I were back to the earth…

I wish to believe

Never the richness is put one’s sacrifice

In unfamiliar countries

Never beautiful flowers on a table

Are at the price of died ones on lonesome land

To keep the balance of market

Never the circulation of life is cut off

By prepossession and discrimination

In behalf of spice to a white dish

I wish to believe

The technology is told us

To make the future children more wise

I do wish to believe

Everlasting peace is the truth of our wish

Rainbow arched over the Poetry

Mathematic is so beautiful―

Not understand the analysis and linear algebra for me…

Only geometry in vowels leads me

To eternity

Welcome rain pours

Into funnel after straining tears

Panicles like paulownia flowers are

Shining in the luster

Ringing the bells by wind

The most beautiful similar-figures in this world

When one whispers

On the distant hill


Is with wings

Like the wind

It would grasp heart of looking up at the sky

And fly away

To bless one who saw born in words

Path to the Garden

Pleasant afternoon passed

Without notice


Shadows keep silence

What silhouettes me?

My memory

Coming and going

To the entrance of light

I’m stumbling at stones of existence


Seeking for

The reflective path to the garden


Flowers of imagination

Fruits of life


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