Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta (Mewadev), India


About the Author: Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta (Mewadev), an assistant professor of English at Eklavya P. G. College, Banda (U. P.) is a recipient of Uttar Pradesh Gaurav Samman 2019, “Golden Book of World Records”, “Kavya Ratna Award” from “The Literati Cosmos Society (Reg. 75/2018-19) – Mathura, U. P. (India) and “The Phrasal King Arbind Choudhary National Poetry Award- 2018” and one of member of Members of “Board of International Writers Association”. He is also Ambassador of Humanity and manager of the organization named Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW – It is a brand name of the promotion of contemporary art) in the service of promoting the safety of humanity through art and culture. He is also III° “SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS” OF THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS FOR THE YEAR 2019. He is founder president of “CONTEMPORARY LITERARY SOCIETY OF AMLOR – BANDA (U.P. – India). He is editor, translator and reviewer par excellence. He is an assistant professor and an award winning poet, short story writer, and essayist. He is author of 5 books and his areas of interests are Modern Poetry and Drama, Translation Studies and Contemporary Literary Theories. Visit him as DrBrajesh, facebook.com/brajeshg1 and email him at dr.mewadevrain@gmail.com.


People can understand you

Of passing clouds and falling tears

The true condition of widows

Where burning love shuttered in pain

But when your casket closes

I know not where to turn

But with our hearts broken apart will it ever be the time

Behind woven webs,

Too frightened, too shocked, too ignorant

Then breath has gone raising alarms

With you by my side you’re all, I need

A misty sense of dread

As in the formed silver vase

An empty space beside my chair,

The warming touch of gentle hands

Nothing new to say

I am ready to stop the culture of widows

Let’s talk of roses and romance,

So believe in love

We’re one and the same.

© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. – India)

@ All Rights Reserved.


The poetry scroll in the mind of a poet

That matters to you, or deliver a home truth,

Diversity through poetic expression

Need inspiration for a poetry action

And when broken hearts bleed pain in darkness

The fated soul carries its dubious light

We widen the purpose to acknowledge poetry and poets

The tempo of a new era in pronunciation but also in expression,

The innate integrity of human communities

To bring out meanings deeper than the mere definition of the words

In a world where people are constantly living

And celebrating World Poetry Day,

We are peace lover through our little words

Imparting onto all the joy and pain,

And only with the hope

I wish you all this great poetic day.

© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. – India)

@ All Rights Reserved.


I am not at all a good poet

And a splodge on the literature

It’s stuck but I’m not frustrated,

No hope of doubt

I mistake that gesture for a style

Ripen to a helpless smile,

From out the hedge, the wind lets fall

To learn how because I know

Not recognize an overture

In the mind which it intends

Doing whatever it takes to be original

Kill me, kill me if you can!

© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. – India)

@ All Rights Reserved.


I am not a woman

But my existence is from a woman

This one of every new that come

So I can always hear her walk near me

The world will automatically turn so divine

No blinding big accessories

From the harsh glare of unenlightenment

You can never get her to trust you

I stand on the sidelines

Heart starts beating rapidly

To catch her every word

I’m afraid things might not work

The more future you will create

A natural beautiful sound;

A near masterpiece,

Windy blowing the silk sails from the mast

How do you expect her,

Indifferent to tomorrow’s sun,

Sizzle me into something anew

Too tense, or too lax

The men rules, women seem incapable

But women should powerful nowadays

That’s a new idea to her

This possessing of my spirit

A woman is in front of me

I like that you stay with me

I salute to this womanhood.

© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. – India)

@ All Rights Reserved.


I see the world through a much different eye

A relationship between animals and human beings,

And prideful relation is leading our company

Modern individuals can reveal

Man’s struggle is doomed and weightless

As the gentle giants swim through the sea,

And exclude outsiders by every conceivable means

Into a beautiful new life

Make friendship with animals and make pet them

But don’t pack them in the cage

They are also free like us

They are the pioneer of service of humanity

Do service for love and help them

I’ve love to let these feelings in

With a symphony of colours

But when listening carefully you can hear the droning reply

But just before they love into the earth

Yielding to a melodious strain

Love, respect, and care them

They are not only animals, but they are also our best friends.

© Dr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”, Banda (U.P. – India)

@ All Rights Reserved.


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