Richel Joseph B. Cañete, Philippines


Richel Joseph B. Cañete, Philippines

Member of IWA Bogdani

Richel Joseph B. Cañete is a Blogger, Human Resource professional and Online Market Associate.

Born in the city of Cebu, Philippines in 1986. Cañete completed his elementary school in Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines. He earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology in Cebu Institute of Technology – University last March 2007. He is an Online Market Associate of an American company. He is an member of Minglanilla Chess Club in Cebu. For many years, he worked in several companies. He worked in the field of Sales, Teaching and in the field of Human Resource for 6 years in total. He also writes in his own blog mainly about politics and history of the world. He writes and research on different general knowledge involving history and recent events especially about Europe. He is still currently doing all the things that interest him espcially that is related to the field of European history. He just recently translated the biography of Professor Doctor Jeton Kelmendi into the Filipino language for the first time by collaborating with him just this January of 2020. He currently lives in Cebu, Philippines.

WRITTEN BY Mr. Richel Joseph B. ​Cañete (January 2020)
Way to live your life
People are suffering
It is without ending
No matter how rich you are
You are part of the everyday war
Suffering comes with sadness
And sadness could cause madness The only thing you could do
Is to live life you wanted to
Smart Man
I am a smart man
From the start of the day
I always think smart
Believing that everyday is great
Not knowing that it is not enough
So don’t settle for this world is tough Being responsible is what is needed For this is what this world required
Your actions could dethrone you
Every single one of it speaks
So you should be aware of your breaks Smartness should have limitations
Use every smart words
Being smart comes with great responsibility If you you use it smartly everyday
Your worthiness of this world will stay
Powerful Women
Each one of us has its own origin
Different backgrounds, different beliefs
We are made up of everything that we need We are equipped with sets of talents

It is up to us how we are going to use it The one that formed and molded us Are the true powerful one
of what we have now
We all came from a woman, our mother
She is the real deal
She can overcome everything
No matter how hard life is, she could handle it.
We should thank everything to women
Without them, our life would be different
Whether you have or you don’t have
We should always be grateful about what they gave
We become powerful in our own ways
But women are exceptional, naturally gifted Praise them and give them credit
For our life was transformed
Because of the power of women!
Respect in our Differences
Man or Woman born to be equal White or Black background
In the end it won’t matter
What matters is we are as one
Respect should not only be gained
It should also be practiced anywhere
No matter how long it has begun
Respect should be planted in all of our hearts
Respect would only be effective if you respect yourself It is the most positive action towards it
Trust me, through this, you could spread it
Not just within your circle but to the world
Scratch all racism and all the negative impressions What matters now is we must be united for everything Even if we are all different
Respect is the answer to every conflict

The world would we so much blooming
If we have respect in our hearts and our minds Act with respect now
And gain that respect from each one of us!
True and Real Identity
Being true to oneself is satisfying
When you reveal everything of who you are Everyone around you seems so light
It feels like you are not carrying anything
Being real to every aspect for yourself
It would help a person transcends beyond Deep inside you, you feel a fantastic freedom A freedom that is beyond of any horizon
Living a life of truthfulness
Guides a person to direct perfectness Even if nothing is perfect that exist Nirvana is what you truly achieved here
Keeping true and having a real identity Keeps neatness that affects and spreads To Humankind that watches and judges you Your whole being is entirely examined
And entirely you are supreme!


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