Poems by greT poet JULIO PAVANETTI




In the corner of mellowed kisses

our great solar fury was silenced,

disintegrated, oh Sylph of the sea,

into deep and frenzied atoms.

Crushed against the grey window

they dispersed

encompassing us through

our trembling entangled bodies.

In the complicity without cushion,

from our corner of gasps, satisfied

after a synchronized movement,

a captured scene remained,

while our chests were still beating

in a vertical sea of lethargic sex.


At the peak of dusk

amid fading scenery,

just as the sun searches

the humid pearls that fall,

blinding the mirror of the wind

with its used repertoire

of silver strands,

we turned our backs to the rainbow

breaking the clouds hidden in our packs.

Meanwhile, in front of us

the infinite sea

with its crackling vast blue,

moderates its symphony,

unfastens its own cotton

against the multiform rocks

and sinks into the dispersed sand

that kisses this naked beach,

where we came in the past

to illuminate our dreams.


An ocher moon slides over our flesh.

Our entangled bodies, drawing contrasts

in absurd and polymorphs shadows over the cast.

After loving, stillness invades the room

imbues it with a piercing and crystalline silence,

on occasions broken by a few sighs

that manage to explode

in thousands of harsh fragments

and like the wind, places it all under suspicion.

We love each other

in a surprisingly and mysterious way,

in a rare dialectic between defense and assault,

an uncontrollable rebound between shadow and light.

How is it possible that you leap

from flesh to expression

from a dream to the truth,

in a journey that takes you,

through undercurrents, to an attic of radiance?

Your word alters the tone, crosses the abys

depositing new scars in the cosmos.

A violent wind from the sea

penetrates the window

lashing our dormant faces

a rainfall of illusions

foreshadowing a farewell.

Outside, in the lonely streets at dawn

the world is still an established design,

a confused skein of energy and circumstances:

Murky puzzle that spins slowly on its hinges

crossing the transparencies

that surround this mirage.


How fragile beauty is tonight

suspended between candid remains

interwoven with summer strands

transforming your body into sea.

Untangled from the shadows, the moon

moves between whitened ants

and lays to dream among us

with the soft murmur of waves.

Accomplice of the games in the dark

disperses over the ocean the seeds of light

particles of a mysterious dust

that the breeze entangles in your hair.

The sand remains warm

delineates the contour of our bodies

while your hands reinvent filigrees

to the bird that poses in my back.

Your lips slide along the curve of my flesh, advancing without obstacles

crossing the threshold to my essence

unfolding my wings


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