Rahman Shaari, Malaysia


Puisi-puisi ini diterjemahkan oleh Fatimah Hashim, pensyarah Universiti Malaya.   Sdri boleh edit.  

Saya hantar 2 puisi ini dulu, dan nak pilih dan hantar  satu lagi, mungkin lewat petang ni.


Rahman Shaari was born  on 5th Sept 1949, in Perlis. Received primary education in Perlis, then at Alam Shah School, in Cheras, KL.

Rahman entered Sultan Idris Teacher Training College in 1970.

He continued his education at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 1973 and gained his Bachelor’s degree in Literature 1976.  After working at the Ministry of Education for 6 years, he  continued his study at UKM, and gained his Master’s degree. Then he was appointed as a lecturer at the Faculty of Education ini 1988.  In 1991, he attended a course on international writing at the University of Iowa, USA.  In 2003, he was appointed as a Professor at Media Studies Department.  Rahman Shaari  received  the S.E.A Write Award in 2007.  He is currently the President of Malaysian Poetry Association (Penyair).


These two poems are translated by Fatimah Hashim.



Loving regards for you, friend

Who troubled ‘cos of my troubles

Lending me

Hard to repay

Enlightening me

On that which baffled me.


Loving regards for you

Who taught me not to tire

Knowledge will be less novel when repeated

The soul won’t   cease to be when abused

I’m impressed with what you say.


I,ve been to the place

Where praises come cheap

Abuses are far between.


Now I stand here

On my own feet

The brief meeting with you friend

Has presented me the meaning of authenticity.


Rahman Shaari

Kuala Lumpur



You are too good for the corrupt world

There   in   lies my shame

When we talk of the people

In the language of love.


We make each other see reality

Opening the eyes of   the   heart

And when we condemn flaws

I become me ashamed

Him whom I condemn is myself.


You are good for the corrupt world

I’m too corrupted for you

And when once in a while we talk

I cant  help being ashamed.







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