Poem by Fahredin Shehu


Pallas Athena

…and where did you hide for so long

just now whan I reckon you in Aquarius

Shall you have to say something loudly

I shall keep my ears open

and the mouth shut

the eyes with trippled dioptrics to see

all your battles you craftily won and

the Art I do conquer for about thirty years

wants to resurrect into

a tangible something un-named so far

to last longer than the ten lifespans

of the mere mortals

…and I took the arrow

to target the Saturn’s ring

full of ice nuggets and clods

In my remorse

I shan’t change my name

In my happiness

I shall not evaporate the essence

In my dispair

I shall not dry all tears so

they may fall like dundroff

In my bewilderment

I shall not loose myriads of worlds

so packed into a lump of DNA

In my awe

I shall noot fear the unknown so

overwhelmingly envelopes me

pulsing tightly and sometimes loose


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