Poems by Sudhakar Gaidhani



Devdoot the Angel

(Excerpt from Canto 2)



Mother earth now looks

prematurely aged

struggling to nurse and nurture

her own family household


At the end of a certain epoch,

Sage Narad accosted

Our mother earth

Who was holding the moon in her hands

over the raging flames

of the solar furnace


“Mother what are you doing?”

She answered,

“Child I am testing

this piece of my heart

by exposing it to some heat..

which will tell me as to

what stuff it is made up of..

A season hard one or a raw soft one!”


“Mother, but how the world will react to this?”

“Thank god, that you people do not have

stars and planets in your hands

Cannot really imagine what you would have done to them otherwise!


When the butcher threw a feast,

I found flesh of my own cow in

my own plate

And still, you have the temerity to ask

“Mother, please serve us a hay stack?”

“Mother why are you upset with your children, like this?”


“When breasts of a mother are brimming with milk

and the baby is gasping for the love its mother,

But do you people display any compassion

towards both mother and her child

even after the calf was turned into a

fully grown bull?”


“But mother, what if the moon is perished

as you are heating her up?”


“Son, if a man loses his life

while impregnating a woman, then…


It is pleasurable to be pregnant!

but the conception is torturous !!”


“Mother, yesterday I witnessed

God was held by His collar by the crowd

in a broad daylight in the public square

asking him to pay them,

their price for their devotion


Some were asking to ‘let go of him’

while others were screaming,

‘thrash him ruthlessly’

on that very moment

out of nowhere

Sin made a rushing appearance

and rescued the God


Mother, how many days have spent

in the garb of a cow

along-side the holy bull, ‘Nandi Deo’?”


“A spoken word has its own value,

Speak a word only if it

does not defile your honor


The essence of your speech

should never lose its balance,

even if you choose to color the same

with a profound depth of sarcasm”


“Mother all so-called virtues

In this world are

thoroughly rotten”


“Then ferment them into

a liquor

Do pursue a sinful calling,

rather than a virtuous life

Let your sin make you rich

as you daily worship your God”


Overhearing the mother’s


The Grand Devil

suddenly appeared saying,

“Mother then can I reap

the harvest of sin”


“Go ahead son”

“Can I take you to the butcher?”




— Sudhakar Gaidhani

( Translated by Vishwas Vaidya from original Marathi Devdoot )


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