Love finds itself everywhere of Jeton Kelmendi is published in Chinese

jeton kelmendi

The earth qulture press has published new book of Jeton Kelmendi in Chinese English languages. This publication is made in the series of the Empire poetry and it has 226 pages Translated in Chinese by Ding Liqung, Director Zhang Zhi.

Love finds itself everywhere

Kelmendi is neo-modernist in the structure of proper poetic
form. He gives its strength to allow it to strike human
consciousness and grow with metaphorical perfection and does so
with an impressive capacity for synthesis. His poetry looks
beautiful and captivating, like that of magnificent poetry. The name
of an author will make life among poets more than 21.

Prof Emeritus Erneso Kahan peace NOBELIST 1985

The creation of poetry by the Kosovar poet Jeton Kelmendi
has this kind of expression. On the one hand, he has experienced
the sad history of his country and family, and on the other, he has
developed his academic achievements, which make him capable of
exploring the being of life, of pursuing the meaning of the essence
of love and think about the vision of the future. His love includes
love for homeland, homeland, relatives and friends.

Prof. Dr. Lee Kuei-shien (Taiwan, China) candidate NOBEL for literature

Jeton Kelmendi has a rich personality, his interests are
multiple and as a result his poetry is full, so much so that
sometimes you have the impression that we are dealing with the
magic of a fire truck that crosses fields and roads and spreads fire

in it all directions. It is quite beautiful when Jeton touches
esotericism without being 9óösatiated by the charm of the
unpredictable; very beautiful when his surreal vein finds the
appropriate figure to show the purity of his fantasy and places
within short circles the ideal adherences, the ferments of the soul,
the desires.

Dante Maffia, Italy

Jeton Kelmendi is a poet of constant desire, love and hope.
The people and things he loved most, he lost and longs for them so
much that they penetrate his dreams.

Craig Czury Soncino, USA


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