Ion Deaconescu is the Laureat of “Alexander the Great” in Salamina Greece


UNESCO Diploma

The Association “Coffee of the ideas” has organised for the 39th times the cultural event, where they give the International Prizes “Alexander the Great” in Salamina. The manifestation started with the professional ansambel of sons, to continue to give the Awards “Alexander of the Great” to some important people from different countries around the World. The poet and intelectual Ion Deaconescu from Romania, was the first laureat with this prize. The president of “Cofef of the Ideas”, Mr. Dinos Koubatis read the reason why they decided to give tghis aword to Ion Deaconescu, noting that he is one of the most important personality of culture on our days in Europe. Being not possible to be present for the reason of health, in the name of Mr. Deaconescu, Prof. Jeton Kelmendi took the prize and read the letter of Prof. Deaconescu. This prize is suportet by UNESCO and they give to people who has had a high succeses in Art, culture and sciences.

Alexander the Great Prize


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