Poems by Claudia Piccinno, Italy


    Claudia Piccinno is a teacher, poet and translator, she lives and teaches in the north of Italy. Operating in more than 100 anthologies, she’s a former member of the jury in many national and international literary prizes.

    She has been the Continental Director for Europe in the World Festival Poetry from April 2019 to september 2021, she represents Istanbul culture in Italy as Ambassador of Ist Sanat Art Association. She has published 41 poetry books, among her own poetry collections and other poets’ translations into Italian language.

    She was conferred with the most prestigious award “Stele of Rosetta” in Istanbul in 2016, the Literary Awards Naji Naaman Prize 2018, “World icon for peace” for Wip in Ondo city, Nigeria, in April 2017; Global Icon Award 2020 for Writers Capital International Foundation, The light of Galata, Turkey 2021, Sahitto International Jury Award, Bangladesh 2021. She gained almost 250 prizes in Italy for poetry and cultural merits. Her poem “In Blue” is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le).

    She is European editor for the international literary magazine Papirus in Turkey and for Atunis Magazine international. She is responsible for poetry in the Italian magazine called Gazzetta of Istanbul, printed in Turkey by the Italian community. She writes for e-magazine and literature newspapers such as Menabò, Verbumpress, Il Porticciolo.

    Her website is https://claudiapiccinno.weebly.com

    She has also written numerous critical essays or prefaces to the books of other poets.. She has published

    La sfinge e il pierrot”, Aletti Editore, 2011

    Potando l’euforbia” in Transiti Diversi, Rupe Mutevole Edizioni, 2012

    Il soffitto, cortometraggi d’altrove”, La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni, 2013 (italian)

    Il soffitto, cortometraggi d’altrove”, La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni, 2014 (italian- english)

    Tabahnha” (Il soffitto), Edizioni Majdah, 2014 (edizione in serbo)

    Ragnatele cremisi”, La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni, 2015

    TAVAN-Baska Yerlerdeki Kisa Filmler, Artshop edizioni 2016

    Grimizna Paucina, Anma publisher in Belgrado, 2017

    Ipotetico Approdo, Mediagraf edizioni, Padova 2017

    In nomine patris“, Il cuscino di stelle 2018
    Rime sparse” co-autore Agron Shele, Amazon edizioni

    La nota irriverente, Il cuscino di stelle 2019

    Karaya Cikma Hayali, Artshop, Istanbul 2018

    Pourpre toile d’araignée” Edilivre, Paris 2018

    L’abord hypothetique Edilivre, Parigi 2018
    Karaya Cikma Hayali, Artshop, Istanbul 2018
    МОГУЋА ЛУКА Alma editore, Belgrado, settembre 2018

    Magie in Staunen, Verlag Expeditionm, Hamburg 2018

    Your voice in countersong, Goodreads 2019 U.E.A

    editor Volti invisibili, Africa solidarietà, 2018

    Atunis Galaxi Anthology 2018 Albania

    Atunis Galaxi Anthology 2019

    Ali d’inchiostro- Verlag edizioni, 2020

    Asimov, un volto inedito- Il cuscino di stelle 2020

    Sfinge di Pietra- A stone Sphinx, Il cuscino di stelle, 2020

    Note di lettura, Il cuscino di stelle, 2020

    Letras para la vida,AAvv- Spagna,2021

    Versos cruzados- coauthor E.Bagli, Dunken ed.Argentina,2021

    La hipothesi de ti, Iberias editorial, Miami- Florida,2021

    She translated into italian language
    Gabbiani sanguinanti by Raed Aljishi, Il cuscino di stelle edizioni 2018
    Volo d’identità by Oscar Limache Il cuscino di stelle edizioni 2018

    Also in the trilingual book published by Amotape, Perù
    Angoli della notte by Hilal Karahan Il cuscino di stelle edizioni 2018

    Ciao oscurità by Gino Leineweber, Il cuscino di stelle edizioni 2019

    La mia isola di Osman Ozturk, Il cuscino di stelle edizioni 2019

    Possano i nostri sogni diventare realtà, di Mesut Senol, Artshop, Istanbul 2019

    Quando l’amore ci guida, di Gino Leineweber, Il cuscino di stelle, 2020

    Il grande progetto, Maya Herman Sekulic, Il cuscino di stelle,2020

    Genesi della memoria, by Raed AlJishi, Il cuscino di stelle, 2021

    Una farfalla tatuata, by Ali Al Hazmi, Il cuscino di stelle, 2021

    Il voto di Penelope, by Milica Jefferson Lilic, Il cuscino di stelle, 2021

    Una brezza Mediterranea– cotranslator Mesut Senol, Il cuscino di stelle 2020


    About her poetry a collection of essay was published by Armando Iadeluca

    title: In ordine sparso, Il cuscino di stelle, 2020.

    White flag

    Climbing to the sky
    I wave a white banner
    to greet those who have undertaken
    a single journey.
    Geraniums bloomed;
    they tell me that life goes on,
    that I have to ignore the fear
    if I want to stay.
    I’m looking for the blue of the day
    in order to start a new life…

    I know it exists

    We are not told
    why every meeting has their reason.
    We are not told.
    why a storm pushed us into the same shelter
    on an ordinary day.
    I questioned myself by rejecting
    unusual feeling
    but the thought of you returned intermittently.
    There is – I know – an ethical diaphragm
    that isolates us
    in the movement of a luminous mind
    and a soul suffering for old disillusionments.
    For that thin membrane
    I silenced the ink
    but – overbearing – his disruptive strength returns
    to sow hope before apathy
    drags us into the dark.

    I got lost in fear

    I got lost in fear
    not a milestone
    to show me the direction of travel.
    I waited at the crossroads
    that you go back
    with your doubts
    and your reasons.
    I looked to the sides
    of the roadway
    looking for a path
    or a shortcut.
    Nothing led me
    to the arrival point,
    nobody took me
    by hand,
    each of my steps
    follow the rules
    of the good way,
    make arrangements
    to the others
    like violin’s horsehair
    and wait for the right vibration
    the sound of a beat
    that will take me home.

    As a horse without bridle

    My heart gave up
    Like a horse without bridle,
    in an obstacle course
    He has lost his trajectory
    sowing storm.
    Locked in the fence
    with crazy foals
    He does not resign
    at the time that advances
    and whitened his horsehair.
    No squire
    has been faithful to him,
    no gamekeeper.
    He feeds on wild daisies
    and he forgot the rose.

    Waiting for spring

    I would have made you my only God
    if only you hadn’t stepped on
    my dreams, my dignity.
    I nestled for your warrior gene
    yet it was not enough for you.
    You didn’t understand why
    this stubborn heart of mine,
    and I didn’t scream, I didn’t chase you.
    I became snail droolwithout shell,
    smiling as a pain mask,
    I pretended indifference
    bleeding flowers,
    I will make a bouquet with them
    waiting for a spring.


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