Poems by George Onsy, Egypt


George Onsy (b. 1953) is an Egyptian thinker, poet, artist, and Professor of English and Art-architecture History at The Egyptian-Russian University, Cairo, as well as other academies. His outstanding works of poetry and art calling for a universal unifying spirituality have been published in his books: VOICES FROM ETERNITY-India 2014, LET’S BE ONE IN THE ONE-India 2017 (Amazon), and WITH OSCAR WILD (Bookemon), as well as in many international anthologies, magazines, e-zines, and TV interviews. He is a recipient of several awards notably “The Global Icon of Peace Award”-2017 and “The Most Outstanding Peace Poet-2017” – 2018 (Nigeria) and “The Best Poet Award”-2017 (World Nation Writers Union, Kazakhstan), UME-Latina America.

Reaching out to the world in 6 international languages, George Onsy is the Founder-President of the international peacemaking association RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III – RRMIII and has been lately nominated by many thinkers, writers and conference organizers round the world for Nobel Prize.

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Many of George’s poems have been published in more than 60 international anthologies and featured in poetry magazines and broadcast in different countries. His works have also been translated into different international languages like Telugu, Odia, for India as well as Chinese, Greek, Italian, Spanish. He himself also writes poetry, in Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian beside English.

To dear Planet Earth



O Earth, Stop! Stop! Stop!

Every time you go around

No shouts of joy but

Moans an’ cries will sound.

Haven’t you got dizzy, busy

Feeding the thankless

From your fields and trees?


O Earth, Stop! Stop! Stop!

Every time you spin

Your dwellers fight

Where none will ever win.

Don’t you feel sorry, unhappy

Offering yourself to those

Who’re losing your keys?


O Earth, Stop! Stop! Stop!

Every time you revolve

Your tenants make problems

They never want to solve.

Haven’t you been steady, ready

With the wisdom of survival

For those who have become

So violent, so suicidal?


O Earth, Stop! Stop! Stop!

Your volcanos, hurricanes

Tsunamis, pandemics

Everyone owes and fears!

Yes, we’ll repent, watering

The green we denuded

You from, dear mum,

With floods of tears.


So, earth, Stop! Stop! Stop!

To start dancing instead,

Roll with our dreams

Where we’ll escort you

With your countless flowers!

We’ll breathe out an’ spread

Your fresh breeze

Through the whole universe

To echo the resurrection hymn

To all the generations

Of our dead!





Of Multiculturalism and Human Solidarity

The Multi-ONE


I’m one

Yes, I’m only one,

The human being

That God brought

To this existence

Of multiplicity.

I have one tongue

To speak out

My joys and sorrows

Though heard

In many languages.

I have one skin

That feels caresses

And whip’s lashes

Though looks

In many colors.

I have one heart

Beating on rhythms

Of likes and dislikes

Of faith and doubt

Though following

Many religions.

I have one mind

That tries to tell me

It’s Our ONE God’s Grace



George Onsy@copyright2019




On the Refugees’ Crisis and Europe’s Future


Names for Laocoon’s Sons


Europe dear,

Where’s your ancient Greece’s

Wise man gone?

Have you ever his two sons known?

If you don’t know let me tell you:

One is FRANCE’s Marat

The other GERMANY’s Goethe

Both … both with their father

Didn’t survive the deadly serpents’ bites

The first, the Revolution’s martyr,

For his patriotism

The second, for challenging

Through his ‘Faust’ all devil’s pacts

Some think that Trojan Horse

Is galloping over the abyss between

Yesterday’s myth and today’s facts.

Oh, if only ENGLAND’s Shakespeare

Had sketched in his plays any leader,

Somewhere between his retired King Lear

And imperialism-addicted Macbeth!

But as both are now powerless penniless

In the playwright’s inky graveyard,

Some may think that foreseeing

Trojan Horse’s reincarnation

Is not that hard

Wait! Let me try to ask ITALY’s Dante

Who’s still busy building an endless ladder

Between his ‘Inferno’ and ‘Paradiso’:

Have you mentioned in your ‘Comedia’

A thousand and one Troys

Where every ‘Laocoonian party

Is condemned for being too wise?

Some would ask: But should Trojan Horse

Always be of such a massive size?

But at Dante’s Paradise,

Though unmentioned,

SPAIN’s Cervantes

Who had once been trodden

By past horses wild

Has been always there

Ready to send his Don Quixote

Who has taught the whole world

How we should be ridiculous in order

To secure our crazy dreams

Thus, he finds no shame to ride

That ever-pregnant wooden horse

For whatever its bowels would bring

There will be no risk … yes …

Remember all parties, all factions,

All unions, all camps, all sects

That the past plaguing horse

Had no rider, no spur, no bridle

Today, to keep peace alive, we should say:

Where there’s a horse there is a horseman.

That what I’ve guessed, dear Europe,

From your Renaissance heroes’ works,

And that what a coming-soon Renaissance

Of no arms but only banners white

Will bloodlessly put into action

So, let’s wait for the Prophetic Knight!


With my artwork combining our RRM3’s Logo, my painting in the background (THE INDIAN WHEEL OF EXISTENCE IN DIALOGUE WITH THE TEMPLE OF ATHENS FRIEZE’S FIGURES-2015), and a selection of world paintings and sculptures to depict the poem’s theme and elements.




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