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Umid Najjari

Umid Najjari – (April 15, 1989, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Islamic Republic of Iran) – Poet, writer, translator, publicist, member of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union and the World Union of Young Turkish Writers.


Umid Najjari was born on April 15, 1989 in the city of Tabriz. He received his primary education in İran. In 2009-2013 he studied at the Faculty of Electronics of the Tabriz branch of the Islamic Azad University. In 2016-2020, he studied at the Faculty of Philology of Baku Eurasian University, majoring in “Azerbaijani language and literature.” He is a member of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union (AWU) and the World Union of Young Turkish Writers (DGTYB).


Umid Najjari began his career at a young age. His first works were published in the periodicals of Iran. He is the author of three books. In 2015, the books “Valley of Birds” and in 2019 “On the other side of the walls” were published in Iran. In 2019, the book “Photo of Darkness” was published in Azerbaijan. In 2020, a book of poems “SLIKA TAME” (in Serbian) was published in Belgrade and in 2021, a book of poems “FORGET” was published in Uzbekistan .


He achieved Samad Behrangi award in 2016. He was awarded the Ali bey Hosseinzadeh Award in 2019. He was awarded the International LIFFT festival diploma in 2019.

On March 31, 2021, he was awarded by the Montenegrin Translators Association for his poetry and literary translations.

On November 26, 2021, he was awarded the prestigious International IWA Bogdani Award in Belgium

Najjari is also an active translator. He translated several books and poems that are examples of classical and modern Persian literature from Persian into Azerbaijani.

His poems have been published in the United States, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Georgia, Chile and Iran.



Lack of candles


Lack of candles turns this house dark,

The walls are cold because of the oven’s lie

Which sounds turn silent on the other side of these walls?

All are thirsty for hands on the other side of the walls.

You’ll know more,

You’ll understand

I ignore the rooms-

I’m telling about the windows open to the sea.

… I ignore the ships –

I’m telling you about the ships drown in the sea.



.. Only leave the door open at nights,

Just forget what happens on the other side of the walls,

Forget what I said!


… I ignore the sun,

Just light a match for me.






My heart bag


In hir loneliness room

First a bird flew, then the sky ..

I forgot

I forgot my heart bag in taxi of your eyes

… then

I forgot myself in the longing café of this city

I don’t know how many door pains have,

I don’t know about those died in moonlight

I don’t know the story of crying ones …!


… But

There’s somebody on the earth, cries silently,

… He never misses like a stone on the roads

Never passes the earth like a cloud …

He speaks of his wounds to the darkness,

Behaves like a God to the letters in his heart …


… you know

If we don’t draw wing to ourselves in the mirror,

The rain drops clean it,

We’ll be forgotten one day.

… you know

Forgotten ones have used to give

The skies to their eyes …



The sun is in prison


The night attacks the city,

The darkness looks at the depression from the balconies.

We saw the children with our ears …

The children’s bycicles- the fire bullets,

Their toys- prisoners!

The sun was cold in their paintings …

The walls standing up like soldiers,

Walls- war.

The shadows two times as us …

Bending our knees,

Standing on our knees in silence of the words,

… Our plams- for drinking water,

Our palms- bird nest,

Our palms- the latest religion.

Just one time listen with your ears,

But don’t listen with your palms!


… Drought on the lips of the beloveds

Kisses- corpuses on the tribunes of the mosques,

The explosion of paradise in minarets of the mosques,

Wheelchairs in churches,

Autumn on mats …

A dog is lost in darkness of the alley …

The doors divorce each other.

Ownerless houses, orphane houses …

You or others,

No difference!


We- night,

We- soldier,

We-wall …

At least a handful window,

At least you can be a drop of water.

The sun is in prison, the country …!



The somphony of separation


Throwing yourself to the embrace of dreams,

Throwing the blanket of this city to your head,

It’s the best confession for forgetting …


… Hold your collar,

Get closer, reach for the world in the mirror,

Comb the hairs in the mirror,

Hold your hands in the mirror, a little.

The mirror is the dialoge of lonelinees,

Take the world in your palms,

How you like, I can die,

How you like, you can live!



An homeland as big as umbrella


You dreamt me

The day, I forgot you

When I found myself alone …

I’m speaking to you from zigzak alleys of the autumn


… You dreamt me

The nights when I became ash in city of winds

When I loaded the roam to my eyes

I’m speaking from the radio of leaves

… listen!

I’m one station away from you

Loneliness is bitter drug, never treats my pains.


… You dreamt me

In a hook swallowed clound

Whatever is seen in the mirror is all loneliness …

The hairs of my sensations turn white without you

As you go far away, the wisdom-tooth of my feelings aches …


My homesickness is as big as a begger beside the wall

Every step is ennui without you …

Crying to my homesickness

Keep me a homeland as big as umbrella under the rain!


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