Eva Petropoulou-Lianou, Greece

Eva Petropoulou-Lianou was born in Xylokastro, Greece. Initially she loved journalism and in 1994 she worked as a journalist for the French newspaper “Le Libre Journal” but her love for Greece won her over and she returned in 2002. He has published books and eBooks: “Me and my other self, my shadow” Saita publications, “Geraldine and the Lake elf” in English – French, as well as “The Daughter of the Moon”, in the 4th edition, in Greek – English, Oselotos publications. Her work has been included in the Greek Encyclopedia Haris Patsis, p. 300. Her books have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, for the Student and Teacher library. Her new books, “The Fairy of the Amazon
Myrtia “dedicated to Myrto with a disability, and” Lefkadios Hearn, Myths and Stories of the Far East “, illustrated by Sumi-e painter Dina Anastasiadou, are released in 2019. She recently published her book,” The Adventures of Samurai Nogas san “in English by the publishing house OntimeBooks, based in England. Collaborates with the electronic literary magazine The poet magazine. She is his partner International Literary Union based in America. Collaborates for the promotion of literature and promotes the work of Greek poets. Eva is a member of the “Association Alia Mundi Serbia”, the “International Society of Writers and Artists of Greece” and the “Piraeus Society of Letters and Arts” as well as the Corinthian Writers Society.
President of Greece
Mille Minds of Mexico
International Ambassador of
e magazine Namaste
Las Olas del Arte

I need to write a poem
A poem that will serve as peacekeeper
Between the God And Humanity
Between the brothers and sisters
Between my self and my mood
I need to find the verses
Be completely different from the past
And so new to fit in the present
Need to have one truth
Justified and accepted
Need to write a new story
A new book about the life
Every single day is a new discovery
People become evil
Failure earn in so many levels
And love is replaced with food
People are divided
Between those who love the food
Between those who love the humanity
Need to write a poem about the fear
And the dark
But many of stars are shining
So must not affraid of darkness.
But definitely need to re organize in our mind what the unknown is like?
People are divided
Between those who love the food
Between those who love the humanity
Is so, difficult to think with the stomach full
People forgot to love and they become
Slaves of their stomach
Little servants of this great stomach
That cannot filtre anything
Poetry unites people
Poetry travels more fast than the unknown words, that remain unborn
In the mind of an author…
Need to write a poem
About the happiness
The smile of the childrens…
The journey that never ends….
Who is the captain of the boat??
©®Eva Petropoulou Lianou
A word that is coming out from the brave heart..
I am not asking to forgive as a Human
I am asking to forgive as a GOd
As HE has the kindness and the generosity to see the human mistakes.
I am asking to forgive not as a man
But as An Angel that every day and night Is traveling from Earth to Sky
I don’t need any paper
Green or blue
I saw  your heart
You had it there in front of me
I understand that silence
That silver silence
I am damned in sky and earth
I am just a soul traveling alone..
Seeking for forgiveness….
©Eva Lianou Petropoulou
Long distance relationship
Days you smile
Nights I cry
Days u become silent
I become so communicative
Birds are coming from far lands
Back to their nest
Wondering will you come to our nest
Long distance relationship
My why become so long
Your words are a rainbow
In my rainy moments
Hope the heaven hear my prayers
Soon you are free from unknown chains
Hear my heart beat
Hear my heart voice
More and more
Every day
Every night
Singing for you
My precious man…
©®Eva Petropoulou Lianou


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