Princess Lovelyn P. Eyo, Africa


Princess Lovelyn P. Eyo is an African Royal, multiple award-winning Poet/writer, Global Peace Ambassador, Women&Youth Advocate Leader, Peace Educator, Global Inspirational Speaker, Biochemist, 4x Bestselling co-author, singer, songwriter, Mindset Therapist, Editor, Guinness World Record Holder, Global icon, Life coach & EU Climate Pact Ambassador from Nigeria. She has won over 1000 awards from more than 70 countries including Altruistic Woman of the Year 2022, Jack London Literary Prize San Francisco, USA, Matsuo Basho, Japan, Laureate of the International Literary Peace Prize Germany, USA, Youth Icon Award, Warrior of Peace and Humanity Malaysia, Nikolai Gogol Triumph Medal, Beacon of Peace Bangladesh, Bronze Cross Medal, 2021 International Writer of the Year, Outstanding Poet Award (Gold Medalist) by Yan’an Government of China, World’s Golden Writer from 10 countries, Robert Burns International Literary Award, Scotland, Poet and Ambassador of Great Excellence Venezuela, Books for Peace Award Italy, International Award for Education, Art & Culture Mexico, Arkhip Kuindzhi International Literary & Artistic Prize 2022, 2x Woman of Culture & Peace Prize, Italy, 2021 African Woman of the Year, Golden Pen World Creative Award South America, Mother Teresa Lifetime Achievement Award, Literary Icon Philippines, Lifetime Achievement Award by Princeton Hive USA & Edukos Unite of Scholars. She is Continental Director, International Chamber of Writers & Artists CIESART Spain, Academician at International Academy of Literature & Artistic Science of Ukraine, President of The Superior Council of World Union of Poets, Chief Advisor of How to Write For Success Literary Network, Honorary President for Premio Intercontinentale Le Nove Muse, International Peace Declarator Leader for World Women Peace Day, Professional member of Institute of Global Professiomals and member of Amnesty International. Lovelyn has also been selected into the World Poet Literature Museum by Silk Road Cultural Centre of Northwest University of China and serves as Editorial Board member of Poetry Circle Magazine at Southwest University Chongqing China.

RED CARNATION Blue winter thaws Divine stalk! Mother, birthing the world Whose bosom we firstly sip love’s juice Creativity muse! Her carnations filled with wonder wine Pregnant with nurture, her eyes Petals of joy behold her cry By the precious Pearl sea! Not afraid to strip off her skin To clothe her seeds warm Lost rose always found hidden in her The only cloak of comfort Where young blue diamonds take cover She gets injured by the shoreline From all the offences thrown by Yet stands bolder than a giant in its shed As she sweeps seawaves locked into a bed Tears stronger than rain Rejuvenating life never to drain Never knows the bald autumn, her strength They want to touch, roughen her- Sterile inferiority love to yell at her Attacking her with blades of disrespect They want to touch, roughen her in all aspect- O delicate silk stronger than sunshine! In her tongue lays bountiful blessings Or reels of charmed curses She is not your shadow or caged cushions But a crown in the garden of roses Handle her nice You melt the beasty frozen ice Her horse rides high above harsh unequalness Purified pain, spiced sweetness The life of a race The flavour of honey The rhymed rose GOD’s own master piece Who can stop her ‘fem’power, Too Strong! Since faster than time the world can never run ©Princess Lovelyn P. Eyo 2022
O MEN OF ICE Silence is chewed so hard That shards of tears my quill bleeds Regurgitating, the day turns a blind night Sowing words too tragic With letters cluttering on broken consciences Reclining at the table set by pride, bias, hatred and lies Stop! Embrace, cultivate warm virtues not the vice Peace begins from the garden of our homes- Our hearts Sow not weeds but only root roses So that the doves can perch and breathe free For there is no dove without the roses Think peace and act peace, preserving potent peace! May my quill be a reason for winter’ undressing Defrost! change the ambience oh men of Ice Warmup, for PEACE BEGINS with you and I Our Earth, pregnant in pain, needs ease So stop throwing the dice! Necessity speaks only one choice- PEACE For nothing else is as sweetly nice ©Lovelyn P. Eyo


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