Dr. Morve Roshan Khalil, BA, MA, M.Phil. and Ph.D. Vice president of IWA BOGDANI


    Dr. Morve Roshan Khalil

    Short bio: Dr. Morve Roshan K. is working at the University of Lodz Poland. Recently, she completed a Postdoctoral project (2019–2022) at Southwest University, China. She acted as a Co-Principal Investigator (Feb.–April 2022) at the International Socioeconomics Laboratory, Harvard University, USA; this project was related to impact of covid-19 in India. She has experience doing 3 projects she completed the GIDR project (worked for a Literature Review), the Literoma translation project and completed a CIIL project. Also, Dr Morve was an “Honorary Research Associate” (2019–2022) for at Bangor University, UK. Dr Morve was an Honorary Research Fellow at Foundation for Evidence-based Development in India (FEDI) and with this organization she has organized a virtual workshop. She has taught at Children’’s University, India. However, her total publications (152: 24 edited books, 27 articles, 1 quote, 16 chapters (book chapters/preface/introduction), 2 short stories, 7 poems, 1 interview and translated and edited 74 Children’s Books) published in the high quality indexed (Scopus/Open access/Thomas Reuters/Clarivate Analytics/Web of Science/International Scientific Indexing/ high impact factor 5.23) journals and well-known publishers. . My recent Sage publication is “Sairat zaala ji…” My other papers are under review in the Elsevier, Sage and Taylor and Frnacis’ journals. Her “Climate Change in Literature” co-edited special issue has published in the USA magazine. She has been awarded 1 conference grant (acted as co-convenor), 13 years of Scholarships and Fellowships (OBC and UGC Fellowships), awarded 9 Travel Grants (National-Internationally) for her scientific presentations and academic purposes. She has academic collaborations with many reputed universities. She has been on Asian, Poland and UK academic journeys. Her research interests are in drama, indigenous culture and performances, eco-critisim, diaspora, gender, race, ethnicity, marginality, minority, human rights and social and political issues and challenges. Contact: +917383661923 Email: morve_roshan@rediffmail.com OR morveroshan2@gmail.com
    ORCID NUMBER: 0000-0003-1400-5323
    Websites/Indexing- https://scholar.google.co.in/scholar?hl=en&q= morve roshan&btnG=


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