Unsolved Equations


Shoshana Vegh (Israel)

Editor: Miriam Chalik

Shoshana Vegh was born in Israel in 1957. She wrote poetry and diaries from an early age. Still, destiny meant writing to her in the wake of bereavement, and she started writing when her brother Tuvia was killed in 1974 in an accident at his military service. She graduated B.A and M.A in Hebrew literature.

Her poems were published in an anthology in 1980. In 2000, she published her first novel, about the infatuation of a married woman on the Internet. In 2002 her second novel was published, and later poetry and children’s books were published over the years. In 2009, she founded a publishing house called “Pyutit” that specializes in publishing poetry books. She wrote 17 books herself and edited over 100 books, poetry, and prose.

She was awarded a scholarship from the House of the President of the State of Israel for her first poetry book, “The Coming of Madness.” For the book “Sad Ones” from the Israel Foundation’s scholarship.

Poetic shadows and lyricism, as an aesthetic form and perfection of human love

(About the poetic volume “Unsolved Equations” by Shoshana Vegh)

Unsolved Equations is the latest book by Shoshana Vegh. The title showcases her vision and her perspective on life. It expresses both artistically and philosophically infinite space, which includes all the mysticism that surrounds us and makes us more curious to understand and build a better future. Her work’s lyrical spirit is conveyed through her written art that originates in the human emotion as perfection. Yet, its origin is also from a passion that is elevated by an inexhaustible love. As a poet and a writer, the themes of her work bring everyday life in harmony with nature, operating with characters in terms of form and content, bringing a much broader and more intriguing world to our reality.

“The soul of man is a Flame; a firebird, jumping from one branch to another, from one person to another, shouting: I cannot stop, I cannot burn, no one can extinguish me “- Nikos Kazantzakis

Not without purpose, I quoted Kazantzakis. In the work of this author, we see the unquenchable fire, and how he finds the inflamed universe, he finds the muse descending in the moonlight and the new day, which begins to scatter the flow of colors, the light of life, and the spirit.

“Into the old coal stove

I toss you

You spit fiery sparks

From my core

It is my inner world

In which you violate

We encounter the same poetic path, same philosophy, the unquenchable fire, and the inner burning, which is simply our desire and passion with which we travel and share the happy moments. And all this as a pathetic, aesthetic art and reflection of unique values, deep love.

The theme of the author’s poetry has variety and touches other peaks, both in the metaphysical and psychological plane and especially in the creativity of individualism. Here we do not encounter the unsolved equation, but the unknown that leads us to the mystery and keeps us always amazed, enchanted to the limits of our ignorance.

 “I want you to take me

Through a thousand imaginations

To the one million dunes

To the mountains

To the seas

Take me to the dreams

To little moments of poetry,

I will be satisfied with nothing less.”

How far does the idea of ​​being part of the universe go, so the remaining trace gave way to time erosion?

Infinite desire in the author’s concept, space, and unexplored horizon, moreover, in the framework of art would go as far as the moments of poetry itself.

Another moment that should be singled out is the originality and impression of the country she represents. The author comes from the Middle East and calls the primary task to build bridges of cooperation but also peace between different ethnicities or religions.

“The world stops

There are no wars

Only our struggling souls

Looking for a director

And suddenly like God

Left us

That we will manage on our own.

It is possible to start from scratch.”

The metaphor used here puts the individual in opposite directions from the world around him (body and soul).  Who is in a station, traveling in different directions, with lost reasons, but finally return to * God, to pray and return to the clarity of the beginning.

This poetic volume is one more window of Contemporary Literature. It has a spirit for the aesthetics of life itself, which comes through figuration and symbolism. It raises a higher level of creative aspiration, humanism, and human love.

-Agron Shele, writer-


The Burn


Into the old coal stove

I toss you

You spit fiery sparks

From my core

It is my inner world

In which you violate

My sanctity

And neither of us know

How to lower the flames

They scorch you and me

But you do not crumble and keep asking

“What can I do”

Say, Love

I want the whole of you

Not merely the fire flaming in you

I shall lick the entirety of your skin

I quench my thirst


Come to me, Love

Come, be the solace for my body and my soul




Në dhomën e vjetër të qymyrit

Unë ju hedh

Ju pështyni shkëndija të zjarrta

Nga thelbi im

Është bota ime e brendshme

Në të cilën ju shkelni

Shenjtëria ime

Dhe asnjëri prej nesh nuk e di

Si të ulim flakët

Ata na përvëlojnë ty dhe mua

Por ju nuk shkërmoqeni dhe vazhdoni të pyesni

“Çfarë mund të bëj”

Thuaj, Dashuri

Unë ju dua të gjithëve ju

Jo vetëm zjarrin që flakëron në ju

Unë do të lëpij tërë lëkurën tuaj

ta shuaj etjen


Eja tek unë, Dashuri

Eja, bëhu ngushëllim për trupin dhe shpirtin tim


The Animal of Passion


Do you know how fragile

The animal of passion that burns inside of me is?

I might fall into the darkness of seduction

And how could I put coal in my stove

Without the embers scorching my skin?

When we speak, the alienation is erased

And you want to say everything in another

Tongue without me knowing who I am

And how I’ve gotten all the way here.




A e dini sa e brishtë

Kafsha e pasionit që digjet brenda meje është?

Mund të bie në errësirën e joshjes

Dhe si mund të fus qymyr në dhomën time

Pa prush ma përvëlojnë lëkurën?

Kur flasim, tjetërsimi fshihet

Dhe ju doni të thoni gjithçka në një tjetër

Gjuha pa e ditur se kush jam

Dhe si kam arritur deri këtu.




I hold on to your arms

Just for you to whisper words of love to me:

“You are the Sun which doesn’t fade

You are the source of my life.”


You are the poet who is born from within me.




Unë mbahem për krahët tu

Vetëm që ti të më pëshpëritësh fjalë dashurie:

“Ti je dielli që nuk zbehet

Ti je burimi i jetës sime”.


Ti je poeti që lind nga brenda meje.




In our language, there is only one word

I know you are already screaming it by now

While I still attempt to restrain myself,

Not to fall,





Në gjuhën tonë ka vetëm një fjalë

E di që tashmë po bërtisni

Ndërsa unë ende përpiqem të përmbahem,

Për të mos rënë,



The Isle


Love, I’ll continue to nest on the isle of birds

For as long as you love me

I’ll live the dream

If we meet in the sunlight





Dashuri, unë do të vazhdoj të foleizoj në ishullin e zogjve

Për sa kohë më do

Unë do ta jetoj ëndrrën

Nëse takohemi në rrezet e diellit


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