“I relax in forcasts” by Claudia Piccinno


I relax in forecasts- short essay by Claudia Piccinno

A prophetic writing that of Professor Kelmedi, which combines experience and foresight.

La vida vive en mí by Jeton Kelmedi is a trilingual book: Albanian, English, Spanish, completed in June 2021 and which boasts the translation and preface by Julio Pavanetti Gutierrez, founder with Annabel Villar of the Poetic Lyceum of Benidorm.

Born in the city of Peja, Kosovo, born in 1978, Jeton Kelmedi is a professor at AAB University College. He is an active member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg, Austria. He lives in Belgium but has been known since its first publication in Kosovo since 1999. His poems have been translated into more than thirty-seven languages ​​and published in several international literary anthologies.

This volume in particular contains the fundamental themes of his poetics: exile, nostalgia for his homeland, love for poetry and literature.

Thus he addresses Poetry: This night / when the whole world sleeps / stay awake poem you pulled out the ticket / for tomorrow / and go now / go beyond yourself / while loneliness is sleeping here

The inspiring Muse of the Poet is life itself with its joys and sorrows, there are compositions on the war in Kosovo and on the most recent and unfortunately current, pandemic phase. There are many references to the meaning of life, to the search for meaning, to introspective investigation. There are strongly evocative couplets, in which the power of thought is mixed with an unspoken spirituality. Read for example: The truth faded the dreams, until the meaning lost its meaning

He masters the synesthesia: I hide from myself/so my hearing doesn’t see me/so my sight doesn’t hear me/ as it happens with other things.

Poetry and introspection are intertwined in the compositions of this book: It’s better to know languages unspoken,/ timeless like what we talk up the hill of meaningless meanings. 

Furthermore:and brought myself here/ now I’ve got all the time/to deal with myself.

Yet despite the agitation and motion of thoughts, the poet knows that life follows a predefined path, and Jeton recognizes the presence of fate: to understand that life moves / just as the wind blows.

With a certain fatalism he faces life and awaits love, whose origins are known only to God.

Readfor example: I’m waiting for you/beyond my possibilities/ in the no where’s somewhere

I meet you/in the pages of closed books/and the titles of forgotten poems,/I seek you/through the many thoughts, when/the absence comes forth,/and thus you/you overcame all my waitings

We walk together/through unknown streets, that/only I see in my dreams/that’s how I wait for you/even when someone else waits for you/it is still me doing the waiting.

The metaphors of travel and of the homeland  are united by the need to dare and unleash the courage, cautious and prudent allusions to the political situation, yet he uses without veils, words imbued with truth.

you need courage to believe / I brought myself / to the occupied homeland / to the end of my suffering.

Ingratitude pains him too, but his words are a simple statement: The homeland has a bad habit, / usually forgets the leftovers.

Despite the fatalism inherent in those who have lived the diaspora, the poet emphasizes that the self of each must be praised, as if to repeat with Sallust and Appius Claudius Blind faber est suae quisque fortunae, to affirm that in the life of man the will counts more. and the action that the intervention of fate. This is evident from another powerful couplet: The game goes on, / be praised the self of each

And again it takes courage to dare / to believe in love

Frequent verses lead us to reflect on the dilemma between being and appearing, on the frenzy of life that was led before the Covid 19 pandemic spread, there is a warning to remain human, to regain possession of the best feelings and to respect the Planet that guards our bodies as we should guard our soul.

It does not matter who you are

but how do you look:
every day more and more it seems
the unseen truth,
and untruths are appearing
even life looks like in the movies,
it depends, only which role you have
you are a strange resident


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