Born on may 10th 1958, in Malu, a place situated at the 510 kilometer on the Danube (you can reach Giurgiu from there, on foot, in half an hour). Writer, poet, editor, specialist in the 20th century avant-garde. He founded and coordinates Vinea Publishing House (starting in 1990…) and the Institute for the Research of the Romanian and European Avant-garde (since 1998…). He edited over ten volumes by distinguished avant-garde authors, including Tzara, Urmuz, Vinea, Ilarie Voronca, Gherasim Luca etc.

He curated the exhibition THE ROMANIAN AVANT-GARDE IN EUROPEAN CONTEXT: manuscripts, rare books, periodicals and photographs (including Urmuz, Constantin Brâncusi, Tristan Tzara,  Ion Vinea, Marcel Iancu, Victor Brauner, M. H. Maxy, Gherasim Luca, Geo Bogza, Stephan Roll, Sasa Pana, M. blecher etc.), exhibited in several cities of Romania, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and in the United States – New York.

He organized several international conferences devoted to the Romanian and international avant-gardes, in Bucharest, with participants from Romania and some ten other countries. He provided the script  and materials for a documentary on Ion Vinea, titled, “THE PRINCE OF ROMANIAN POETRY”  (1995).

Published volumes (a selection)

‘NICHOLAS THE MAGNIFICENT’, poetry (cover and images by Nicolae d. Popa), Vinea Publishing House, 2000;

‘CAPODOPERA MAXIMA’, poetry, (with an introduction and a portrait of the author by Șerban Foarță, afterword by Șerban Axinte, cover of the volume and plates – Mihaela Șchiopu) Vinea Publishing House, 2007

‘THE OTHER LIFE AND THE OTHER DEATH’, poetry, (preface by Gheorghe Grigurcu, afterword by Emanuela Ilie, illustrations by Nicolae Makovei) 2010;

These three volumes makes up a trilogy, written and published as such throughout a decade.

‘THE LITERATURE TEXTBOOK’, poetry anthology put together by Daniel Bănulescu, (co-author, together with Daniel Bănulescu, Mihail Gălățanu, Ioan Es. Pop, Cristian Popescu, Lucian Vasilescu, Floarea Țuțuianu); preface by Alex Ștefănescu, afterword by Horia Gârbea, Vinea Publishing House, 2004.

‘ANGEL’S BONES/NEW YORK. BUCHAREST’, poetry, (with a foreword by the author, a preface by Felix Nicolau, an “afterword” by Daniel Bănulescu, Lucian Vasilescu, Ioan Es. Pop, Mihail Gălățanu, Marin Mincu; pictures by Maxim Dumitraș) Vinea Publishing H30ouse, 2009.


BALKAN APHRODITE, English version by Sean Cotter and Ioana Ieronim, Vinea Publishing House, 2006.

APHRODITE BALKANIQUE,  traduction du roumain par Claudiu Soare et Miron Kiropol, Editura Vinea, 2012, 2016 [BALKAN APHRODITE,  translation from Romanian into French by Claudiu Soare and Miron Kiropol, Vinea Publishing House, 2012, 2016]

NICOLAS LE MAGNIFIQUE, traduit du roumain par Claudiu Soare, préface par Miron Kiropol, Ed. Vinea, 2017 [NICHOLAS THE MAGNIFICENT, translated from Romanian into French by Claudiu Soare, preface by Miron Kiropol, Vinea Publishing House, 2017]

LES ENTERREMENTS, traduit du roumain par Sorin Barbul, ilustrations: Suzana Fântânariu, Ed. Vinea, 2019 [THE BURIALS, translated from Romanian into French by Sorin Barbul, illustrations: Suzana Fântânariu, Vinea Publishing House, 2019]

Member of the Writers’ Union, poetry.

He was a member of the advisory board of the Writers’s Union between 20046-2009.

He held his Phd defense in 2012 at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest with the thesis: ‘GEO BOGZA AND THE ROMANIAN AVANT-GARDE’.



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